When you head out for a drive, what shoes do you wear? While you may not have given this question much thought in the past, it’s wise to do so now. After all, you want to be safe and comfortable when you’re on the road.

Read on to learn about the best shoes for driving!

Suitable Footwear for Driving Won’t Slide Off the Pedals

When you’re trying to find the best shoes for driving, check the soles and the laces. Shoes with high heels leave you prone to slamming on the brakes too quickly or missing the brake pedal entirely. Take off your dress shoes in favor of more neutral shoes for the commute home.

Driving in flipflop summer shoes is a bad call, too. Flip flops — and any sort of clog or mule — can slide off your feet more easily. They also can get stuck under your pedal if you’re not careful.

When you’re driving during the summer months, there are ways to prepare so you can avoid footwear choices that compromise your safety. Ready to learn what to do?Check it out!

Sneakers Are Good Shoes for Driving

For the best driving shoes, turn to sneakers. They offer balanced cushioning for your feet that will keep you comfortable during the commute. They also let you feel the pedals so you can push them with the degree of intensity the moment requires.

Sneakers usually have minimal heels. And the laces mean you can adjust each shoe to fit your feet. Just be sure that you’ve worn your sneakers for a while so that the soles are flexible — but still have some traction.

Avoid Driving Barefoot

While driving barefoot won’t get you arrested, it will make you more prone to accidents. When you remove your shoes and socks, you’re left with bare feet that won’t be able to apply as much even force to the brake pedal.

When you need to hit the brakes to avoid an accident, you might not be able to do it. In addition, your bare feet could slide off the pedal if they’re wet or sweaty after a workout.

Stay Away from Driving in Boots

Boots represent another footwear choice to avoid behind the wheel. The sturdiness of boots may make them great for staying upright in the snow, but they make it harder to feel the gas or brake pedals. And this can translate into braking too suddenly — or accelerating with a lot of force.

During the winter months, keep some lace-up sneakers tucked in the backseat. Then change out of your boots and into those sneakers once you’re ready to drive.

Find the Right Driving Shoes

The best shoes for driving are ones where you can sense the pedal and have a sense of control. Shoes that may slide off the pedals put you at a greater risk of getting in an accident. Keep your high heels and flip flops out of the driver’s seat!

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