kokorec is available in restaurants all year round in Greece, but is more commonly known as a festival meal prepared only once a year during Easter celebrations. Serves as an appetizer. View Recipe

History of kokorec:

The Greek name kokorec is derived from the German kokorec. According to the Turkish linguist kokorec, Albanian, the loanword is derived from the Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian Kokoroza, and basically means that in these languages ​​it is corn husk. The Turkish word kokoreç comes from the new Greek kokorótsi.

Due to the outbreak of mad cow disease in the late 1990s, the preparation of this food was banned. However, people do not follow this law. Gardouba or gardoubakia is a smaller form of kokorec.

 It is grilled like a courgette, or roasted in a pan. Its name is derived from the Italian word.

kokorec is one of the most popular fast foods in Turkey. Although served in some restaurants, most cookies are prepared, baked and sold in small kiosks throughout the year, and are sometimes eaten as a sandwich. The makers of kokoreç are called kokoreççi in Turkish.

In the early 2000s, when Turkey joined the European Union, EU regulations banned beef and mutton. But Turkey was not a member state.

Therefore, we think that killing and consuming sheep and goats is necessary, like our previous generations. When an animal is killed, all its components are consumed. Eating nutrients is not strange but it makes sense. But most people can not bear to look at the head of a roast lamb. So lamb pie is more popular in restaurants than the whole Easter barbecue.

Mainland tradition kokoretsi:

According to most people, Romley is the center of lamb and toast and kokortsi. Countries had different customs for cooking, but now Easter mutton has become popular all over the country. The Romelites are still experts in cooking this food. They spin the waste and wrap the cocorta with fat and two layers of intestines the day before grilling. Roast for about four hours.

You may have questions about the taste of food and other types. Also, since it is very popular in Turkey, it is better to know how to prepare it in this country.

What does Kokortsi taste like?

Roasted courgettes are crispy and juicy.

What is Kokorch made of?

Kokorç is a Turkish dish. Made from lamb intestine.

What is Kokabor Kebab?

Kokoreç consists of lamb intestines wrapped in sweet bread on a skewer and grilled over charcoal fire. But note that the preparation is difficult because of the cleansing of the intestines.

Are Turkish dishes spicy?

It depends on the region of Turkey you are visiting. They use spices and herbs but not hot and spicy. However, there is a very traditional Turkish pepper paste that is used in many foods and is not too hot.

Where to eat cockroach?

In Turkey, there are many restaurants and street food vendors that you can eat this delicious food.

How is it made?

Kokoreç is what you may not want to make yourself. Because Kokorch must be cleaned and prepared by specialists. Since they are made from lamb intestines and sweet bread, they should be well cleaned and suitable for consumption. .

How is it served?

Street food vendors serve it chopped in half bread. But, in restaurants, it is served on a chopped plate or in a round shape.

Delicious Turkish street food:

The main part of fun is the food you eat, the food you will never forget. In Turkey, street food is important and can not be denied, because for them it is a way of life. Most meals are cooked right in front of you.

The meat wrapped in lamb intestines is delicious.

Kokorch is a delicious dish made from sweet bread and baby lamb intestines. First clean and rinse all the ingredients and wrap it on an iron skewer and then cook on a charcoal stove. When cooked over charcoal fire, it is served with bread. Kokorch consumes Turks in Turkey, Azerbaijan and some other countries.

In the Balkans and Greek cuisine, lamb such as liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. are used. In Turkey, the recipe uses only small and large intestines and sweet bread to make kokorch, and there are no additional ingredients.

Today, cockerel is very popular among foreigners and tourists. It is so popular that China wants to import coconuts to China. However, due to the low production of this food in Turkey, this request was rejected.

Kokoretsi health benefits:

The heart of Cocortes is rich in folate, iron, zinc and selenium. It is also a source of B-complex vitamins that maintain healthy blood pressure, lower high cholesterol and promote healthy blood vessels.

In addition, the source of the hormone serotonin is happiness, which makes people happy and brings a sense of freshness and vitality. It is also useful for chronic allergies. Allergies can often be caused by damaged intestinal flora. Because there is not much difference between the human and lamb intestines, eating cockroaches is beneficial for regulating the intestinal flora. Some microorganisms live in the intestines and people cannot live without them. Kokoreç contains these microorganisms.

But it must be cooked over medium heat during cutting. You can boil the intestines first and then cook it. But since the intestines are easily damaged, it is better to eat in clean places.

This food is worth trying once. Be sure to cook and enjoy this delicious Turkish food.