No matter you are a new cultivator or a supplier finding water pipes in Thailand for sales, you may wonder which type of water pipes in Thailand that are commonly used in agricultural work and what are the differences between them.

As you may know, Thailand is an agricultural country. There are so many farmers and planters around the country that have been using water pipes for their water system either to pour water for their plants and also separate dirty water from the clean one.

Let’s take a look at these lists to find out which type of water pipe in Thailand you are searching for.

PE or HDPE pipes

PE pipes are made from polyethylene which is high density and slick. They are in black color. The PE pipes are pretty hard but still flexible enough to make a curve out of it. So water can pass through this kind of pipe easily while PVC pipes are more brittle. So, if you want the pipes to curve around the farm. PE pipes are the better choices for that.ท่อPE

Other good things about PE pipes are that they are resistant to sunlight, chemicals, acid and alkali. So, PE pipes can avoid any toxic coming in through the pipe and are suitable for drinking water. Additionally, It also does not rust easily when compared to steel pipe.

HDPE is PE pipe which stands for High Density Polyethylene. The density of HDPE pipe is not more than 0.95 grams per cubic centimeter. Compared to HDPE to PVC pipes, HDPE pipes are more robust from accidentally being destroyed by agricultural tools while using it. PE or HDPE pipes are mostly used for water pipes, conduit work and agricultural and industrial drainage systems.

PVC pipes

PVC pipes are made from polyvinyl chloride. This type of pipe is commonly used in construction sites. PVC pipes are resistant to water pressure and corrosion. It is not a conductive insulator because it is not a conductor so, it is incombustible.

This type of pipe is also used for water pipes, conduit work and agricultural and industrial drainage systems as well. The weight of PVC pipes are light and the price is pretty cheap. That is why it is also chosen to be used in agriculture a lot even though HDPE pipes are more robust and flexible.

The main categories of PVC pipe in Thailand are blue pvc pipes and grey pvc pipes. The blue PVC pipes are mostly used for water supply and drainage systems. While grey PVC pipes are made to be suitable for agricultural work, sewer and irrigation. The difference between the grey PVC pipes and blue PVC pipes is that the grey one has the added layer of PVC 0 and is used as a non-pressurized pipe.

Thus, you can use PE or HDPE for agriculture work really well as it is more robust and flexible. But if you want to save more cost and do not really need flexible pipes, you can use blue PVC pipes for drinking water and water supply and grey PVC pipes as a sewer because it is a non-pressurized pipe. No matter what type of water pipes in Thailand you want, you can find it in