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9 Brilliant Tips for Child-Friendly Home Décor


A home is supposed to be a home for everybody. Plus, a home for kids is not a kindergarten. That is why you need to keep all the rooms clean, balanced and safe for the children. This article will discuss a handful of tips to create a child-friendly home décor. Generally, you have to plan your home décor smartly.

First of all, recall all the minute details that can be unsafe or unhealthy for your children. From electrical cords to electronic devices, from fabric to the floor material, consider everything when you decorate a child-friendly home. In addition, keep your pets (if any) in mind. 

In that context, here are the nine most brilliant tips for you to have pleasant but safe home décor for all the family members. 

  1. Keep it balanced and clean!
  2. Choose high-quality flooring
  3. Go for absorbent area rugs
  4. Choose a stain-resistant fabric for sofas
  5. Opt for closed storage
  6. Clear the toys early
  7. Keep empty spaces for child-play
  8. Do not leave loose chords
  9. Keep the exercise equipment safe

Keep it balanced and clean:

Child psychology or parenting techniques is not the crux of the matter here. When it comes to home décor, it is all about having a balanced approach. So, always keep the home clean and balanced for the children to move around. Too much best bedroom furniture and losing objects can be risky for the little ones. Moreover, keep it tidy and smooth for them to learn and adopt good behavior.

Choose high-quality flooring:

Choosing the safest and the simplest materials is the key to having a child-oriented home décor. Your home flooring, for instance, needs to be water-resistant and sturdy for the hazards. In this case, high-quality laminate or vinyl flooring is the best choice. These floor options are safe for kids who love to jump around and play. 

Go for absorbent area rugs:

Water-resistant flooring is as much possible as water-absorbent area rugs. First of all, area rugs are perfect for kids at home. Moreover, they are gorgeous for your home décor as well. Yes, you love your modern dining room sets sale the most, but kids like jumping from these heights. That is why you should go for water-absorbent, fluffy area rugs.

In this way, you will not have to compromise on the stunning home elements and your security. But, opt for easy-clean rug materials in the future. 

Choose a stain-resistant fabric for sofas:

We all know that our little ones like to have snacks on the sofas. So, rethink your white sofa choice this time. Not only the color but choose the fabric of the couch carefully. Keep in mind that kids will eat whenever and wherever they want! So, make sure that you go for stain-resistant fabric material for sofas and couches. In addition, bright/light colors are off the limit for you. Typically, opt for bold printed fabric.

Opt for closed storage:

No doubt, storage is the key to having a balanced home décor. But, open storage cabinets and open shelves are not a good idea for child-friendly home décor. That is why closed storage (closets) is a viable choice for you. Built-in cabinets, drawers, closets, baskets, and bins will help you organize the place in a better way. So, it is a golden tip to be sane and has a clean house at the same time.

Clear the toys early:

I don’t know if you have thought about this or not! Well, a home with children has more toys than one can expect. But, clear them out as soon as they become adults. So, the tip is to either create a plastic room to store all the toys or donate them to needy people. Yes, we all love to keep these joys as memories. But, share these adorable things and keep the clutter away. And believe me, your grandchildren will have more exciting toys than your kids have today.  

Keep empty spaces for child-play:

Yes, furniture is an integral part of a living room. Still, avoid overcrowding the living area with extra wooden pieces. In this case, a floating living setup is a brilliant idea. You can keep the space for your children to play. In general, minute accidents occur when kids do not have room to play. So, always keep one corner empty for child-play. Also, pick light-weight coffee ta\bles to move around. 

Do not leave loose cords:

Loose cords and electrical wires are risky in a home with children. They can easily these hanging objects. So, make sure these things are out of their reach. Moreover, your free-standing furniture must have a firm base. For instance, choose heavy lamps rather than light bookcases. 

Keep the exercise equipment safe:

Most of us have heavy equipment, electronic devices, and modern dining sets in the house. All kids are notorious and like to poke dangerous things. So, make sure to keep these bulky devices extra miles away from them.


Honestly, it is not that hard to decorate a child-friendly home. This post will guide you in the nine best ways. First, start by choosing water-resistant and smooth flooring. In addition, choose the best area rugs and stain-resistant sofas for snack time. Also, make sure that the electrical cords and heavy exercise equipment are away from the little ones. Finally, make room for them to play freely and donate their old toys for a good cause.    

Dewatering Fly Ash for Remediation

Fly Ash

Fly ash has properties and behaviors that present unique challenges during excavation,  handling and disposal. Fly ash material has historically been stored in ponds and is known to be unstable and sensitive to vibration when saturated. When saturated fly ash is subjected to shear strain, it densifies and expels water, resulting in a near total loss of shear strength. In this state, the ash becomes a viscous fluid and may begin to slide or flow. This process may result in overtopping or breaching of impoundments and makes excavation and handling difficult to impossible but made easier with a coal ash dredge.

Changing the water content in the ash by only a few percentage points has a dramatic effect on its behavior, allowing stable, near vertical cuts suitable for conventional mass excavation. The increase in strength happens when a reduction in water content changes the pore pressure from slightly positive to slightly negative, imparting apparent cohesion and shear strength to the ash. 

The purpose of this article is to discuss two different methods for lowering the water content of fly ash: one where the ash was impounded in low permeability soil and one where the ash was stored directly in contact with high permeability soil. In the first instance, dewatering was conducted with an interior system of closely spaced wellpoints. In the second case dewatering was performed using widely spaced, high capacity deep wells. In both cases, dewatering allowed for the safe and efficient  handling of the ash. These projects demonstrate both the feasibility and desirability of dewatering for these types of operations. 


The first project was a pilot dewatering test at the Pennsylvania Electric Company’s Seward Generating Station in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 

The project was extensively documented in a 1985 report published by the Electric Power Research Institute.1 The station had been in operation since the 1920s. Until  1980, both bottom ash and fly ash were randomly deposited via slurry in storage ponds.  Two ponds were used at this plant; when the first pond was full, ash deposition would switch to the second pond and the first pond would be mucked out. The ash would then be transported and deposited at a final disposal site. 

After the closure of the storage ponds in 1980, the State of Pennsylvania required that the ponds be emptied and returned to original grade. This presented two problems to the plant owner: 1) because of the low angle of repose of the near-liquid wet ash, the final disposal site did not have the capacity to store all of the ash in the ponds unless it was pre-drained, and 2) the state required the project to be completed in under two  years, requiring a relatively rapid method of pre-draining. 

At the time of the project, Ash Pond 1 only contained approximately 1.2 m of ash.  Therefore, it was decided to remove that ash without dewatering as it was thought that the benefits of pre-drainage would not be worth the cost for such a thin layer. Ash Pond 2, however, contained between 2.1 and 3.7 m of ash and the plant owner decided to use dewatering techniques for pre-drainage. 

Ash Pond 2 had approximate dimensions of 122 m by 183 m and was constructed on  an impermeable native clay layer with a perimeter clay fill dike

Test pits dug in the ash prior to installation of any drainage devices showed a relatively stable crust approximately 1 to 1.2 m thick underlain by a zone of flowing ash that would fill a test pit as quickly as the pit could be excavated. Phreatic levels in existing observation wells in the ash were 0.30 to 0.60 m below the top of the flowing ash zone.

The first test performed involved pumping on wellpoint #3 for 35 minutes using a  centrifugal pump. The flow rate for the test was 1 L/min and the maximum drawdowns  observed at a distance of 1.5 and 3 m from the test wellpoint were 0.35 and 0.20 m respectively. 

The second test performed using this array involved pumping on wellpoint #2 for 310 minutes using an eductor. The flow rate for the test was 1 L/min and the maximum drawdowns observed at a distance of 1.5 and 2.1 m from the test wellpoint were 0.40 and 0.36 m respectively. 

Both wellpoint and eductor systems are capable of pumping the well yields observed during the test. However, eductor systems require installation of two pipes (supply and return) while wellpoint systems require only one pipe (vacuum header). Given the similar results from the two tests and the relative simplicity of implementing a wellpoint system versus an eductor system, it was decided to move ahead with a more comprehensive wellpoint test. 

Over the course of a nearly 11-day pump test with all 23 wellpoints pumping, the array’s flow rate dropped from an initial value of 57 L/min to a final value of 13 L/min Drawdowns of over 0.60 m were observed at the end of the test in three of the four piezometers. 

Hand auguring was conducted up to 30 m away from the wellpoint line in order to observe actual conditions in the pond just before turning off the wellpoints. Similar to the pre-pumping condition, a 1 to 1.2 m thick stable crust was encountered. This time,  however, there was an approximate 0.9 m thick zone of thixotropic material beneath the  stable layer. This material would tolerate the digging action but flow when subject to  vibration. Below this zone the ash remained in a flowing condition. 

The hand auguring revealed that longer-term pumping could increase the thickness of the excavatable zone (as compared to pre-pumping conditions) and that the thickness increased closer to the wellpoint line. This improvement in ash characteristics extended for a distance of approximately 12 m from the wellpoint line. Test pits dug near the perimeter dike also revealed poor conditions immediately adjacent to the dike even when pumping nearby. However, it was theorized that poorly controlled runoff from the dike could have been a contributing factor to this phenomenon. 

Values of bulk hydraulic conductivity calculated from the pump test for the ash were on  the order of 10-2 cm/s. This value is much greater than the values typically assumed for  fly ash and is likely due to the co-mingling and layering of coarser bottom ash with the relatively fine fly ash. 

A comprehensive human health and ecological risk assessment were conducted on ash not removed during the initial time-critical dredging work. The ash present was found to be commingled with contamination from the Department of Energy (DOE) Oak Ridge Reservation site. Oak Ridge Associated Universities conducted independent medical screening and concluded that there were no adverse health impacts caused by the coal ash spill. The analysis also included extensive geochemistry studies, sediment and pore water bioassays, benthic macroinvertebrate assessments, two-dimensional sediment ash fate, and transport modeling, and groundwater modeling.

How to improve your Power BI skills

Power BI

Power BI is a business analytic tool provided by Microsoft to provide interactive visuals to the customers. Business intelligence is improving with features like Power BI. There is other business intelligence tool available in the market, but Power BI has its own advantages over the others.

Improve your Power BI performance

Power BI performance can be improved with the help of Microsoft power bi training. Here are the few ways:

  1. Limit the number of visuals in dashboards and reports

Microsoft’s optimizing guide reports slower performance on placing too many widget visuals in a single report.

Limit the number of widgets used on a dashboard. Make then 8 per page and score only 30 points on your page.

2.  Learn to remove unnecessary interactions between visuals

All visual pages can interact with or another by default.

You need to learn the skill of reducing the back end data and improving your performance report.

3. Enable Row-Level Security

RLS restricts the access of the user to certain rows in a database according to the user executing a query.

Row-Level Security in Power BI only displays user-specific data.

4.Use Microsoft App source certified custom visuals.

Use certified visuals that have passed screen check.

5. Use the preview feature of hierarchy slicers instead of custom visual

In case if you want to show the hierarchy in slicers; you better enable the preview feature of the Power BI desktop.

6.Provide data categorization for Power Bi report

For High Business Impact data, a policy exception of sharing data is required.

On the other hand, Low Business Impact and Medium Business Impact do not require such policies.

7.Use on-premises data gateway instead of Personal Gateway

Power BI imports all kinds of data if you use a personal gateway; instead use an Enterprise gateway for efficient data importingwhile working with large databases.

8. Use different Power BI gateways for Live connection and scheduled data refresh.

As mentioned earlier; there numerous ill effects of using the personal gateway for your official work.

It will slow down the updates. instead, create separate gateways for Live connection and Scheduled Data refresh.

9. Limit Complicated complex measures and aggregations in data models

Develop calculated measures instead of calculated columns.

Use star schemes to design data models.

10.Use slicers sparingly

Creating too many slicers reduces the performance of your reports. Be smart when you choose the number of slicers. Too much is too bad.

11.Ensure the Power BI report and data source are in the same region.

Reduce the network latency by ensuring you and the client share the same region to reduce network latency.

12.Import the necessary fields and tables instead of entire datasets.

Make the model narrow and lean.

Power BI prefers columns and tables that are leaner.

13.Ensure the cache update frequency aligns with the data sources refresh frequency

Set your cache frequency and data source refresh frequency at similar intervals with online power bi course.

14.Use white or light background colors

For distributing printed reports prefer light backgrounds as they are printer-friendly.

15. Short numbers

Do not use more than 3 or 4 numerals while displaying numbers.

16. Use report ToolTip pages to provide more context for the highlighted measures

 These are great ay of sharing additional information on the board. But make sure you sue limited ToolTips.

17. Use templates to speed up and standardize report development instead of starting with an empty.PBIX

Save your customized templates with custom color palettes and themes pre incorporated.

Templates ensure tailor-made branding. They use the data sources already in place.

18.Use names that are meaning full to your business users or intended audience

Do not be ambiguous while naming columns and measures. Consider hiding LL THE UNUSED COLUMNS IN DATA model.

19. Reduce queries

Limit the number of queries that Power BId sends you. adjust the setting for Slicers and filters.

20. Allow users to personalize visuals in a report.

Enable the feature of customer insights by personalized bookmarks for the clients.

21. Avoid scrolls within the visual and on page

Do not insert multiples scrolls in a dashboard.

Limit the size of your page to standard as much as possible.

22. Use drill through buttons to generate an intuitive user experience

Activate the drill through icons on the page. Use conditional formatting to make the button content-driven.


These are a few ways that you could improve your Power BI performance. Power BI is stated to be a high demanding and versatile business intelligence tool. With the wide range of advantages, it is accepted globally.

How to improve your Python Programming skills

So how do you grow from being a beginner in Python Programming and the basics and know the syntax, how to create a variable, how to use lists and dictionaries. Perhaps you should know about the conditionals, the for loop, the wire, and iterators; but not aware of how to implement it in the code. And you do not know how to solve problems faced in Python Programming. You’ll definitely have to improve your skills.

Ways to hone your Python skills

1. Know your learning style

Identify what kind of teaching method suits you. Reading books is always the best mode to gain knowledge in any category. But not all prefer reading books; few need hands-on learning and few prefer the old school blackboard learning.

Preferably a book; read all the chapters very carefully, practice all the codes in the examples, complete all the exercises once you reach the end of the chapter. Make sure you attempt the difficult ones until sorted, copy the examples to see how they work.

At the closing do all the projects, solve the problems using your learning from practice.

But; the digitized world today has made the internet your tutor and online content your books.

Look for platforms that provide data science with python traininglow cost or free- course resources to learn.

So; identify your type and don’t waste your time.

Here are a few sites that could help you get started-

1. Code School

2. igmGuru

3. Coursera

4. UpGrad

5. Free programming books/ pdf.

Slow and steady and you will solve the problems. Complete your basics. Apply what you learn; this will improve your quality of knowledge.

2. Once done. Is not done

Maintain consistency in your practice. Reading once isn’t enough to keep up with your knowledge. Practice daily, give a read of the language daily.

Agreed! it is s daunting task to code. Start small, this will train your muscle memory and work your way up slowly.

3. Write it out

As you grow on your journey as a new programmer, don’t shred off the habit of writing.

You are using the digital platform doesn’t mean you should stop penning down notes. In fact, follow it more vigorously. take notes from the senior programmers.

Research has shown that writing helps you retain for a long. So if you want to be a full-stack developer keep writing because your coding interview has a segment of whiteboard coding.

4. Learn from others

Observation is the best key to improve your knowledge. It is the fastest way that you can improve your skill. Leverage the knowledge and experience of your seniors.

Look for a mentor. They are the best asset to improve your skills. Look for members of the fraternity that could guide you.

Do not fall back when criticized. Criticism is the best negative feedback element from your mentor that pushes you to grow.

5. Go interactive!

Whether a fresher or seasoned programmer. Use the Python Programming Shell feature of Python Programming . This simply helps you create a new code and also fix the bug in your code.

To activate the Python shell, open your terminal and run python.Data science with python certification if a good choice to get a better job.

6. Use the 15-minute rule

If you’ve been caught in a problem for more than 15 minutes. then it means you need to look out for help. Use Stack Overflow to describe and solve the problem.

7. Take breaks

It is very important to give your mind time to absorb the concepts. Too much knowledge at once doesn’t serve you well.

Take breaks while you are learning.

 Follow The Pomodoro Technique – Work for 25 minutes and take a short break and resume.

Breaks are an essential act while you fix a bug.

While programming you should follow the rules of a language and logic exactly, so focus on your code but do take breaks.

8. Look under the hood

Many programmers rely on frameworks like Spring, Rails, or Angular to generate the code.

These frameworks increase your productivity and are sources of amazing solutions.

Their interface is quite easy, but initially

 It might feel daunting to search over, slowly you adapt the interface and learn to navigate the codebases, identify design, and quickly understand the code.

9. Become a Bug Hunter

Hitting a bug in your code is inevitable. You start writing complex programs that will for sure land you into bugs. So don’t try to go for easy programs, face the bug and learn to terminate it.

It is important to have a methodological approach while you fix a bug. Break down the code and go through it sequentially to catch the ghost.

10. Surround yourself with others who are learning

Though coding is a solitary activity, it works best when you work in a team. Go grouping; this helps you learn the tips and tricks.

11Work on real time projects

Look for an Open source project to build your skillset. Working monotonously with the same code requisites is an anemic task. Look for real projects that get you money and knowledge. Take up challenging assignments and compete against your skills.


There are no secrets to becoming a full stack developer. It surely demands patience, perseverance, practice.

 Stay curious and enjoy your coding journey.

Tips on How to Prevent Tooth Decay


According to arecent study, it was discovered that tooth decay and cavities are the second most common health problems after the common cold. While cavities are common amongst children and young adults, anyone with their natural teeth is susceptible to cavities regardless of their age. As a student, you need proper oral health keep your smile bright for many years to come.

How Cavities Are Formed

Cavities are caused by food and bacteria. They form over time and lead to tooth decay. Studies indicate that the process begins with the formation of plaque. The plaque produces corrosive acids that eat away the minerals in the enamel. After opening up the enamel, the acids and bacteria proceed to wear away the dentin. This second layer of your teeth is vulnerable because it’s softer. If left untreated, the decay continues to the pulp and the inner parts that contain nerves and blood vessels. At this level, the decay can cause a bacterial infection that can lead to a tooth abscess.

5 Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Brush your teeth after meals with fluoride toothpaste: It’s advisable to brush after every meal or twice a day.Mayo Clinic recommends that you use toothpaste containing fluoride.

Get a dental sealant: Although the CDC recommends sealants for school-age children, sealants are helpful to people of all ages including students. Sealants are plastic coatings that seal off the grooves of your teeth where food and bacteria can easily collect.

Eat teeth-healthy foods: Diet is important in all aspects of health including your oral health. Foods such as chips and cookies tend to get stuck for long periods and they promote tooth decay. Instead, consume fruits and fresh vegetables to increase saliva flow and remineralize your tooth enamel.

Limit snacking and sipping: Eating and drinking frequently throughout the day puts your teeth under high risk of attack, especially if you are eating sugary foods. Bacteria in the mouth feed of carbs and sugars and produce acids that destroy the enamel.

Visit your dentist regularly: regular cleanings and oral exams can help prevent teeth decay.

As a student, visiting your dentist regularly will pay off later. Sadly, most students skip dental visits because they can’t afford it. Fortunately, there are student dental plans Long Island NY for students looking for affordable dental care. Find out more about student dental plans Long Island NY offered by DentalSavehere.

Artificial Lawn benefits for homeowners in Dubai


Every one of us wants a green outdoor at our abode. Artificial lawns are the solution for them to install greenery outside their abode.

It creates a green environment that does not require water and daily management.

The installation of an artificials lawn gives the real feel of grass to the users and they feel it like they are enjoying the real grass beneath their feet.

Artificials grass Save Water

The homeowners in Dubai get more benefits after installing artificial grass on the outdoor of their house. Professional companies like KCJ Landscaping in Dubai offer high quality artificials lawn installation services in UAE. The artificial grass doesn’t need water and it can reduce the need for continuous watering in the lawn area.

The artificials lawn gives beauty to the house and house owners have more benefits from using artificials lawns in their lawn areas.

Easy for Cleaning

Artificial grass doesn’t turn brown and maintains the green lush environment every time.

It just creates your abode as a good looking place and you can enjoy the feel of natural grass by using artificial grass. It saves the local environment by saving a lot of water in Dubai.

The hot and humidity of Dubai creates a lot of complications for natural grass and

it uses gallons of water monthly to have proper management of grass.

Less Maintenance

You can leave the house for a long time and you will not need to think about caring for the grass.

The grass can take care of themselves and that can be installed at any place you want. The artificial lawns are free of any type of allergies, and they do not get affected by pesticides and chemicals.

It saves your land from chemical sufferings, which maintain the purity of the land. It is safe for the children and pets, which saves them from being affected by some toxic things that are in the land.

House owners have a cost-effective solution to maintain a green lush environment at their outdoors by installing artificial lawns.

Top Outdoor Dining SpaceIdeas by KCJ Landscaping

KCJ Landscaping

KCJ Landscaping is a leading landscaping service provider in Dubai. With years of experience we had completed various outdoor dining projects.

Do you think, what if you get awesome ideas to initialize the outdoor dining area at your house with multiple options that can give you the idea of outdoor dining according to the space available? You can live this dream of outdoor dining at your house with these exotic ideas to attract your guest, for a romantic date, and some mini family functions. You will just attract your gusset with your creative ideas of the outdoor kitchen. 

The corner Terrace

What if you can host a dining party at the corner of your garden? Is it cool? Yes, it will attract the guests and the excuse of smaller space has no place for it. You can just install your outdoor kitchen in the corner space available in your outdoor area. Adding a pergola will increase the beauty of this outdoor dining arena.

You can just host any breakfast or dinner party at the outdoor of your house.

This will enhance the beauty of your house and give you the confidence of hosting any type of party.

dinner plan, or simply you host a successful date at your home.

The mini outdoor kitchen bar

Getting the food right next to your outdoor dining space will make you feel the right essence of your dining area.

You can opt for the outdoor dining just next to your kitchen, where you can host any type of house. party and get the things without moving into the house.

Installing a big window will save your time and energy to get something from the kitchen. It is a great choice for outdoor diners.

Hibiscus touch

Giving the hibiscus touch to the dining area will make you install the dining area with the awesome covering of hibiscus all over the dining area.

It will give you protection from sunlight at lunchtime and provide you with the romantic, festive, and delightful surroundings.

Just installing the dine with suitable and perfect colors which increases the beauty of your outdoors. .

Choosing the right color options of flowers and furniture will just design the pergola around the hibiscus will attract everyone to your ideas.

Why do you need an airport transfer?

airport transfer

We realize that for some voyagers, pondering how to get to or from the air terminal, as a rule, isn’t head of the schedule. Truth be told, contrasted with the fervor of booking a flight, or exploring what you will do on your outing, finding and booking an air terminal exchange is likely at the base.airport transfer

In any case, it’s a given that booking an exchange before you venture out from home will make voyaging all that bit less unpleasant. Regardless of whether you’re a gathering of companions needing to travel together, a family with small kids needing a child seat, a sharp surfer who goes with larger than average baggage, a business explorer or an arrangement sagacious occasion creator, booking an Airport Transfers Heathrow before you leave can be the last piece in the excursion puzzle.

Like a lot of energetic voyagers ourselves, here, a portion of the airport transfers online group clarifies why they generally ensure they have an exchange composed before they disappear.


I like to get down to business when I’m voyaging. Having my exchanges pre-booked lets me travel effectively and calm, giving me more opportunities to make the most of my vacation. Some of the time, I likewise prefer to move up to a private vehicle – I’m treating myself on vacation, and that begins with having a hint of extravagance from the earliest starting point. Who doesn’t care for the possibility of a private vehicle?!’


At the point when I’m going with companions, I generally sort out exchanges. As a gathering, we ordinarily don’t fit into one taxi, which means separating – not ideal when we’re in an unfamiliar nation. What’s more, it likewise implies that we get to the air terminal as expected for our flights as opposed to faffing about attempting to discover taxis or explore public vehicles a minute ago!

3. ‘I generally arrange moves for my family when we disappear to ensure that there is an infant seat accessible for my two-year-old child. . Public vehicle isn’t an alternative when shuffling an excited two-year-old and loads of baggage!

‘At whatever point conceivable, I additionally prefer to bring my surfboard along (when my better half lets me!), so this can be somewhat of a strategic test on the off chance that I haven’t pre-booked a vehicle that can take curiously large gear. A definitive advantage for me, however, is that I can set a caution the prior night, knowing when I should be prepared and that the driver will be there at the time organized, regardless of whether I book a long time ahead of time.

4. ‘At the point when I return home to the UK to see family, I have somewhat of an outing sitting tight for me whenever I’ve arrived at the air terminal, so I like to realize that I have something booked prepared to take me where I have to go. I’m likewise a major skier, so I generally prefer to arrange an exchange on a ski trip as you can’t ensure a taxi will take you to resorts, and curiously large gear is a bad dream on an open vehicle.’

A Quick Review of the Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 received plenty of accolades when it was first launched. It came with a strong battery, impressive camera specs, and loads of powerful performance back in 2016. Although it is already 2020, and that there are plenty of premium devices released by the Korean tech company, the S7 still offers a good performing unit for those who are looking for budget-friendly phones. And if you want to get more discounts, then a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 is your best bet.

A Quick Look at The S7’s Specs

What endeared this model to many Android users? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane on why the S7 garnered plenty of users when it first launched.

  • 5.1 inch screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset
  • Android 6 which can be upgraded to Android 8
  • 5MP front camera/ 12MP rear camera
  • 4GB RAM/ 32GB internal storage with microSD
  • 3000mAh battery

Although the S7 was released with a premium price, today, you can get it at a more affordable price when you choose to buy refurbished. Thanks to the newer handsets produced by Samsung, the budget-friendly unit has become more affordable today.

Why Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 is Still a Hot Commodity

The refurbished S7 is still among the top smartphones considered by those who are looking for a powerful performing gadget that will not break their bank. Thanks to its 5.1 inch Super AMOLED screen and premium design, it is not surprising that many opt for this model nowadays.

But why choose refurbished?

Since the Galaxy S7 is no longer listed in Samsung’s stores, your best bet is to look for it elsewhere. Although it is possible that you will find a brand-new version of it, most are refurbished in various conditions. In QwikFone, what you will get is a pristine and unlocked Samsung S7 at a low price!

  • Design.

The Samsung S7’s overall design is similar to that of the Galaxy S6. This means that you will see the exact same curves that you can hold on to properly, plus the front and back are covered with Gorilla Glass 4. What this means is that even if you accidentally drop your gadget, there won’t be any cracks to mar its body.

Of course, there will be some changes to its design since Samsung wanted the S7 to have a more premium feel to it. You might have noticed that its home button is no longer sporting that metallic edge which is actually a smart move given that the facade of the S7 looked more seamless.

  • Camera

Although Samsung has toned down the camera specs on the S7, it has certainly made up for it by making it more adept in capturing better quality shots at low light. This is because it has fewer pixels in the lens thus letting more light to be captured.The result is a sharper and more detailed shot even when there is poor lighting. The S7 was one of the first mobile devices that was equipped with a dual-pixel sensor which is common in DSLRs. This added tech made the device capable of autofocusing quickly which contributed to the overall quality of the photos taken in low light setting. The same crispness is retained in the refurbished version which means that if you are looking for a smartphone that will do well in taking low light shots, this is a good place to start.

  • Performance

The S7 was considered as a flagship mobile device back when it first launched and had a powerful chipset to boast of in the form of Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor, or the Exynos 8890 octa-core chipset. These processors were quite powerful back then and when paired with a 4GB RAM, they delivered beyond expectations. Today, the same processing power may not be able to match the latest processors, but they are still fast in their own right. You can browse the web, play games, and even stream videos without any lags. Loading programs were smooth with the TouchWiz lighter and easier to navigate compared to before.

  • Battery

In the S7, Samsung has made it a point to equip it with a bigger battery to meet the demands of their customers for a longer battery life. This unit comes with a 3,000mAh battery which can give you several hours of use in between charging. The question now is, if it will be the same with the refurbished Samsung S7. If you buy one in pristine state, then you will get a battery that is in pristine condition too, so you practically have a device that works almost like new. The best part? You can choose between charging it the traditional way or go wireless. It will take about 35 minutes to get at least 50% charge on your battery when you go the wireless way which isn’t bad at all. Even if you are a heavy user, the battery will still be able to provide you with hours of usage even when the unit is a refurbished one.

  • Price

Given that this is an old model, it is no longer priced high. Add to this the fact that it is refurbished and it is now quite affordable, even to those who are on a tight budget. You can get the 64GB version for only £220! Now that is a considerable price drop.

A Pristine Refurbished Samsung S7 Gives More Value to Your Money

Buying a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 from QwikFone will practically get you more than your money’s worth. This is because this company is offering pristine and unlocked units that have been professionally refurbished to meet the standards of the original manufacturer. They follow a strict refurbishment system to ensure that all mobile phones they are selling are not stolen and that they have been refurbished to achieve Grade A condition.

So what makes this site a good place to get your refurbished S7?

  • Free accessories. All mobile devices, including Samsung’s S7, will come with free accessories. This will include the charger and headphone plus other accoutrements. They may not be the original brand, but the quality will be the same. So instead of spending more for its accessories, choose a deal that includes them for free.
  • 12-months warranty. Another reason why buying from this site is highly recommended is that it comes with a 12-month warranty. This is the same as what Samsung offers for all its brand-new models. Refurbishment experts will replace and repair your S7 for free provided that the issue is on the manufacturer side. If the damage was due to your negligence, or that someone else fixed it for you, the warranty will be void.
  • Staggered payment. For those who are juggling their funds but are in need of a quality smartphone, you can purchase from this site and pay by installment. This way, you will still be able to budget your monthly bills accordingly and get a top performing smartphone at the same time. Choose your monthly plan, pay a fee, and you can start using your refurbished S7 soon.
  • Pristine and unlocked. QwikFone is known to sell only pristine condition and unlocked smartphones which is why you should take advantage of their refurbished S7 deals. If you don’t fancy premium phones but would like a smartphone that has a large screen, smooth performance, and can take decent pictures or record videos with ease, this model is not a bad choice at all. Additionally, you don’t even have to worry about being stuck with a single carrier since this phone is unlocked.
  • Full refund. If you have decided that you don’t want the S7, you can get a full refund provided that you ship the product back to the company within 14 days after purchase with its box and accessories. They should be in mint condition too.


Samsung’s mobile phones get better as they age, and with a refurbished S7, you can expect that your smartphone will meet your expectations. With its pristine condition and new battery pack, you will feel that your refurbished unit is almost like new. You can get a few more years with this model especially since QwikFone has refurbished it to like-new condition. There won’t be any flaws to mar the exterior while the software is checked thoroughly to ensure that you will get the same powerful performance.

Getting a mobile device that has been refurbished doesn’t always have to be bad, especially when you choose to purchase one from refurbishment specialists. Such a company that has a reputation of selling high-quality refurbished units that have been thoroughly inspected, tested, repaired, and restored then sold at reasonable prices.

Choose between the classic black, pink, silver, or gold version of the S7 with internal storage ranging from 32GB to 64GB on this site. With free accessories up for grabs and a year long warranty, you are sure to get more value with this company. For more details about the cheap deals on refurbished Samsung S7, click here.

How to save Instagram stories



Social media has too much impact on our lives. We post our life stories, share views, and then love to have views and likes. Some people post very interesting stories that everyone likes and wants to copy them. Instagram and some other social media platforms don’t allow us to save these stories. So we have to personally text them and ask them to share their story. Check the story viewers to watch Instagram stories and save them.

Social media benefits

Social media has both its pros and cons. People who waste too much time on social media by just browsing and scrolling down are unaware of the benefits of social media. You can enjoy the following benefits on social media platforms like:

  • Entertain yourself in your free time
  • Keep yourself up to date about different events happening in the world
  • Get opportunities to earn
  • Know about interesting stories of others

Many other interesting things are also available on Instagram which is the best social media platform.

Pictures on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms but it has strict policies. Its strict privacy policies are also helpful for users who don’t want to share their life with everyone. So other people can’t see the stories and can’t save the pictures. But now you can view stories on Instagram and can save them with a perfect tool Pikdoo.

Pikdoo; the interesting tool

Pikdoo is an interesting tool which offers you to save Instagram stories and share them with your friends. You can view stories and save them, different stories and pictures related to:

  • Birthday events
  • Special days
  • Interesting stuff
  • Love and care
  • Many more

Now you can enjoy different stories and pictures just by visiting Pikdoo. if you want to know about more details then you can visit our site.

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