There is a demand for skilled manufacturers in the US. The inability to fill the gaps in the production industry is affecting the ability of businesses to meet product demand, fill orders or grow. The workload is also putting undue pressure on the few remaining workers.

However, nowadays the hiring managers are using interview software for manufacturing companies to attract, screen, and hire top talent in their industry. Video interviews are very beneficial for hiring managers because they prevent scheduling problems, assess candidates, and save time and money. On the other hand, candidates can also benefit from virtual meetings because:

They are convenient

They are very convenient for the recruiters and the candidates. They enable the candidates to join the meeting from anywhere, using any gadget at their own time, even if they are on the go. It has made meetings very flexible, thus saving time and money that could have been spent. It is better than traditional hiring methods because it prevents wasting the business’s time, resources, and money.

They are very easy to use

The new generation of people looking for jobs is very familiar with how videos work. We use it for many functions such as communicating with loved ones and recruiting candidates for open positions in companies. Therefore, many candidates interested in the production industry will feel very comfortable being assessed through video platforms. As for the older generation that may not be so tech-savvy, videos were designed to be very user-friendly and if you can manage to play or record clips on YouTube, you can also figure out how to participate in virtual meetings.

They provide more opportunities

Long-distance candidates are able to join face-to-face meetings with hiring panelists. Therefore, businesses get the chance to attract global candidates and secure top talents. On the other hand, the candidates residing in different parts of the country and world will appreciate the opportunity to apply for the job and even get hired.

They provide a great user experience

Candidates who have had a great user experience from virtual recruitment processes will share the experience with their networks. This will help businesses get more referrals from past applicants and candidates, thus gaining access to a wide pool of talent.

The company gains a good reputation

Production companies that use virtual meetings to screen and hire applicants will attract the best candidates because they will look innovative, tech-savvy and current. As a result, the business can expect to hire equally tech-savvy and innovative employees. When long-distance candidates start applying for the positions, it will boost the business’s employment brand.


Talented, skilled, and qualified candidates will be attracted to virtual recruitment processes because they are convenient, user-friendly and allow them to save time and money. Candidates also love how they can apply for jobs from wherever they are, whenever there is a vacancy. In this modern technological era, many employees love and prioritize online recruitment processes compared to traditional ones. Therefore, companies that use modern recruitment methods stand a better chance of getting more skilled and qualified employees from a large talent pool.