In earlier days If you wanted to make movies or videos, you had to have a professional video camera and loads of other equipment just to shoot. But with the evolution of tech, it has become incredibly easier to make videos on your mobile phones and your PCs. An increasing number of people are making these videos for different online platforms and building successful careers from them. 

If you want to make such videos for professional use or otherwise then you will need a video-making application. The windows movie maker is one of the finest tools in the market that is widely preferred by users around the world. Windows movie maker free download lets you create and edit videos with a wide range of options. These options equip and empower you to edit your videos based on your requirements and create the perfect videos you want.

The software can be used to edit create and compile and is designed to be compatible with windows 11 movie maker, windows 10 movie maker, 9,8 as well as 7. The old version of windows movie maker is even compatible with Windows XP and vista. The team at windows movie maker has made and accumulated different types of specialized apps on one website to assist you with different aspects of movie making on their website

Why you need Windows Video Converter? 

While making a polished video or movie you may run into problems. The incompatible format is one of the common problems faced by people when they upload videos on websites. Keeping this in mind the efficient team of Windows Video Converter provides the option of changing formats without compromising on the quality of the video. You can convert videos into 1000+ formats while the software Supports formats of all popular devices like Apple iPhone, Android Phones, Digital Cameras, etc.  

You will get 30X Faster Speed in windows movie maker 2022 with Optimized GPU acceleration. The conversion speed is much faster than previous versions. You can easily download and convert even online videos. This tool is extremely helpful because no matter which windows you have new or old you will find a customized version of Windows video converter like Windows XP Video Converter, Windows 7 Video Converter, Windows 8 Video Converter, Windows 8.1 Video Converter, Windows 10 Video Converter. You can download and convert Online Videos because it Supports more than 1000 online video sites to choose from and post your videos. You can effortlessly convert high-quality videos like 1080p, 2k and 4k HD loss of quality.