This is one of the most important questions when deciding which electronic board to buy. The range of electric skateboards is very important for daily commuting and long trips. 

Depending on the model, electric skateboards can travel up to 12-20 miles for free on average. However, this advertised range of requirements is stated by the manufacturer, which does not mean that the electronic board will last for miles.  The most important thing is the size of the battery. Factors affecting range include driver weight, average speed, ascending and descending, motor output, wheel size, wind, and outside temperature.

Which electric skateboard has the longest distance? What determines the range of the board? Is it possible to expand the range of the board? If yes, what should I do? Let’s dive into this! At the end of this blog post, here are four tips for expanding the reach of your board.

How far can you fully charge various electric skateboard models?

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They will show the range or battery size on the website at amp-hours or in voltage numbers. I did some research, calculated the actual battery size in watt-hours, and placed it in the table above. This took some time. The size of the onboard battery is about 100-2000Wh.

If you like this table, check out my selected electric skateboard comparison table here. We have also created a drag and drop tool that allows you to compare your favorite electric skateboard models. It took days to make it, you will love it!

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Dependent range determination material for electric skateboards

The most important thing is the size of the battery, but the motor output, wheel size, and wind all change in this question.

Battery size

Battery size is clearly the most important factor. The larger the battery, the wider the range. The size of the battery directly matches the size of the car’s petrol tank. However, it is also important to distinguish between different battery brands, types, and setups. 

 This is not enough because the voltage is not included and the actual power capacity is not displayed. So if you see a board with a 36-volt battery with a capacity of 9 amp hours, the actual size of the battery is 9 x 36, or 324Wh.

 I did some research, calculated the actual battery size in watt-hours, and placed it in the table above. The size of the iBoard battery varies from 90 to 700Wh.

for example:

Board X has a 36 volt and 6 AH battery = 216Wh.

Board Y has a 24 volt and 9 AH battery = 216Wh.

Board Z has a 42 volt and 12 AH battery = 504Wh.

The amount of power of the X board and the Y board is the same. If the motors and riders onboard X and board Y are the same, they will work the same. With a high voltage battery, the bike will accelerate faster and be more comfortable to ride, but it will consume some of its energy. Board Z, on the other hand, can’t go any further. It has a long-range.

Motor type and output

Obviously, the type of motor and the output of the motor are also important factors in the range of electric skateboards. You can distinguish between single, dual, and Quattro motor setups. The more motors and the more powerful the motors, the faster the battery will drain. Therefore, a powerful motor provides the speed of an electric skateboard, and riding it is exciting but limits the range. Apart from that, exercise age also plays a role in the range.


The wheel and the shape of the wheel also interfere with the range of the board. Larger wheels are faster but accelerate less than smaller wheels. Off-road or all-terrain wheels tend to pull the sidewalk harder, which reduces their range. Companies and experienced riders say the range reduction is important enough, as using off-road wheels reduces the range from 7 to 8.

Battery life

The older the battery, the worse the storage capacity of the battery. If the board and battery are properly maintained, the lithium-ion battery will last 300-1000 charge cycles before reaching 80% of its capacity. 

The actual range of advertising vs. electric skateboarding

At the beginning of the blog post in the table, you can see the range advertised by the manufacturer. But is this advertised range accurate? In many hands-on tests, riders reported that the advertised range was not real. Indeed, sometimes they are completely exaggerated and can even be three times as real. There are no standards controlled by the manufacturer, so it’s still mostly Wild West i