The course name Hotel Management in Delhi is based on the fact that Delhi has emerged as a business hub and a prime tourism destination with incredible growth potential. People from all over the country as well as from other parts of the world are looking forward to visit Delhi for their official or personal work purposes. To attract the maximum number of visitors, Delhi has made every possible effort to present an excellent infrastructure and welcoming infrastructure. Hotels in Delhi are now becoming popular with tourists from all over the country and abroad. It has become a preferred choice among the tourists to stay at one of the many star hotel in Delhi.

Name of the course indicates that the hotel management course is aimed at providing complete knowledge about hotel management. Such a course is a great choice for those who are already involved in the hospitality sector. For fresher’s of this course, there are plenty of private institutes and universities that provide catering and management courses at their campus. In-house trainings have also been conducted by numerous hotels and resorts.

Training period Generally, the period of the study generally depends upon the degree level that you are holding. Undergraduate level students can opt for shorter duration of up to eight months. On the other hand, those who are holding senior positions in the hotel management colleges, can opt for a period of between three to five years. Those who have taken diploma based or degree programs can opt for a six to nine month course. For the diploma holders the same period can be extended up to a year.

Types of Courses Available There are several types of hotel management courses available depending upon the level of your education. There are the diploma based courses where you can get a degree and certificate. The subjects covered include food and beverage management, room service, reservations and interiors, accounting and bookkeeping etc. Students also get to learn about finance, business administration, advertising, customer service etc. In addition, some diploma based courses also include modules like communication, merchandising, human resources, project management and hospitality. The subjects may vary, depending on the level of your degree course.

Depending upon your preference, you can join any hotel management course in Delhi that you like. If you are looking for an internship in a reputed hotel management institute, then you can opt for an internship at any of these institutes across the country. However, if you have decided to pursue your education in a full-time institute, then you can look for one in Delhi itself.

Institutions offering Hotel Management in Delhi offer a variety of programs – Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hotel and Food Business, Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Technology, diploma in culinary arts etc. If you have a passion for food and hospitality and also want to develop your business in this field, then you can opt for a BBA in Hospitality Technology. Those who are looking for better career options in the hospitality industry can opt for a diploma in culinary arts, BCA in Hospitality Technology, and Bachelors of Science in Hotel Management.

There are many job opportunities available for Hotel Management in Delhi, and the best part is that even freshers can obtain jobs as floor managers, chefs, bartenders etc. Hotel and food businesses are not restricted by age and gender, and anyone can apply for a job in the front office of a hotel or a catering company. Even foreign guests visiting New Delhi can enjoy their stay at any of the renowned hotels in the city.

Many leading and renowned hotels in India and across the world offer special and unique guest and event management services to its global clients. The courses offered by an Indian hotel management catering institute are different from the ones offered in colleges and universities. The institute can cater to all types of travelers and events- corporate meetings, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, business functions etc. The Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Food Administration offers a specialized course to those looking forward to become a professional in this field. The online education facility enables students from all over the country to pursue their education in this field from the comfort of their home.