Makeup might be one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life, but not all the women out there know how to make the most of the makeup they use. Over time, the types and effects of the makeup products have improved and widened, and therefore, in such a situation, you must be aware of at least the basics of makeup. 

To begin with, you should first understand how to choose the right type of makeup for your skin tone, as the kind of skin tone you have can be the difference between accentuating your look or making you look like a clown. 

So, let’s understand what you can do to select the right type of women of color makeup according to your skin tone. 

Determining the overtone 

If you want to find your overtone, then the first thing you need to do is to check your skin in natural lighting. The overtone is simply the initial color you see on your skin, and here, you have to determine how dark or light it is. 

Go somewhere with natural lighting and look closely at your skin to decide the overtone. If you have tan skin, you have medium skin, while on the other side, if your skin is ivory colored, the skin is considered light. 

Determine the undertone 

For deciding the undertone, you are going to need white paper. Just stand in front of the mirror and then hold up the piece of paper right next to your face. Now, you have to compare your skin color with the white paper you are holding near your face. 

If you have a yellow skin tone, you have a warm undertone, and similarly, if the skin tone is pinkier than the paper, it is considered a cool undertone. Just like the overtone, the undertone will play a crucial role in choosing the women of color makeup

Look at the veins for deciding the undertones

If you cannot decide the undertone by using the white paper test, you don’t need to worry, as you also have the option of simply looking at the veins of your hand to determine the undertones. 

Just stand outside or near a window and hold your hand’s palm up. Now, look closely at the veins of your wrist. If you have veins of light pink color, then you can be sure that you have cool undertones, but if you have green veins, you have a warm undertone. 

Keep sensitive skin in mind

If you are highly sensitive, you can’t use any cosmetic product you see in the market. The makeup products are made for the general population and specific groups of people; the companies also have particular products. 

So, while shopping for cosmetic products, always look for products suitable for any sensitive skin. Most natural cosmetic products don’t have any side effects, and they are almost perfect for every type of sensitive skin. 

Choose reputed brands

Instead of just sticking with any local makeup brand because of low prices, you should always choose reliable and popular brands only. You should know that the market is full of shady salespeople who might try to trick you into buying their unsafe cosmetic products, but you should always stay away from them. 

Choosing the right women of color makeup is not rocket science, as all you need is basic information about the products and basic knowledge of your skin tone.