Wow TBC Gold

Grinding will always find a way to be annoying. With the Wow TBC Gold release, there is another option though! We can search to get some loot! I have yet to meet a person who has cleared their search log in the ’70s.

The searches seem endless and they can bring you a great deal of gold. Once you reach the search level hit0, jumping enough will make it profitable for you to cultivate gold. Instead of experience, you will get a “gold” prize.

On top of that, you get the item rewards and the loot you get after you finish the search.

It gets even better. Most of your gold comes from items or gold prizes. This is great because any class can search. Only Rogues, Hunters, and AOE Mages are able to grind gold these days!

You can make more money in one group alone. The faster you complete the searches, the faster you will receive your reward. This means that if you get more gold/hour most of your reward quests come to an end. I usually search in 2 or 3 groups.

Confirm searches on Wowhead or Thottbot when you go searching. You want to be sure exactly what you want to do and if any part of the puzzle is missing from you. Many times it will let you know ahead of time if you are grinding for hours for a search drop.

In search of hidden treasure …

This is one of my favorite and best-kept private. I’m sure most of you have heard of Map WoW.

I search the chest using this tool in addition to the “collector”. The myth behind the treasure chest is that their drop rate is better than the general crowd, and you are more likely to find epic or blues. I never did research to find out if this was true. But I will say this, Chinese farmers used teleport hacks before Blizzard caught a massive crack on security.

You will see that these teleport hacks are mainly used for example, but I have seen them used outside. I’m not sure how this hack worked or the mechanics of the program. I’m not promoting you guys to use it. The point I am making is that this teleport has been hacked, their characters have been bounced around the screen, collecting books at all spawn points.

It gave me the idea to farm in the chest. It was very difficult to find out the initial spawning points of all the breasts first and then cultivate them regularly. It got a lot easier when I found MapWoW. Using Map Wow TBC Gold  you can see all the spawn points on the chest, farm them once for yourself and then they will be locked in your collector add-on. I’ve collected my lion’s share of blues and a few epics from the farming chest.

This is a very fun way to use. It takes a little longer but it is more exciting than grinding mobs.