Whether the weddings are lined up, the festive season is around the corner or you are a working woman seeking everyday wear to look effortlessly elegant. you need to be mindful because ethnic wear can make you look smart. And shalwar kameez is undoubtedly the most versatile outfit among Indians and Pakistanis. No matter if it’s a dinner date, office party or a family function, you need to keep your choices in a chic and comfortable range. To exude the regal elegance in traditional it is imperative to make the right choices. Not just for a clothing brand, but for the accessories, makeup and footwear too, so that you can look your absolute best.

Ethnic wear shalwar kameez

What makes you ethereal?

The ease in pulling off Pakistani or Indian clothes boost confidence that ultimately make you accomplish the true aura of ethereal style in your way. All you need is to follow the fashion, occasion and your preferences. Wear an outfit in your way and let yourself be effortlessly classic and stylish.

 If desi clothes are staples in your wardrobe.  And shopping for traditional shalwar kameez is enjoyable, then Libas e Jamila in the UK is a highly recommended option among brands selling good quality ethnic wear. It is a fashion store offering an extensive collection of Indian and Pakistani dresses. Shalwar kameez women to sarees, collection of bridal wear to kids clothing, there is a lot with an essence of heritage.


Rock your Ethnic Wear Look

Now it’s your turn to take notes and make a splash. Ever graceful Pakistani and Indian dresses hold a special place in everyone’s heart as well as the wardrobe.  Wearing traditional is a style that can make you look perfectly elegant, graceful. and the good news is that it’s not a fashion fad or beauty trend, it’s a style that can keep you evergreen.

If you want to look differently beautiful and to rock your desi looks, here are few styling tips to enhance your style statement:

Glamorous Ethnic wear outfit

Traditional wear is beautiful, versatile and stunning option to keep yourself in sync with class and luxury. Ethnic wear can make you look glammed up and shalwar kameez for women would be the best pick in a blink of an eye. This would complete your looks in a regal, royal and beautiful way as it can make anyone effortlessly pretty. If the dress is made up of lavish clothing fabric, it would display royalty and elegance in the first impression. It’s the only traditional party wear that can make you stand out if paired with the right choice of accessories.

Minimal Accessories

Your clothes and accessories express your style, harmony between the two can make wonders. Accessories make looks more interesting, attractive and stylish, by giving significance to personal taste and style. There is no need to carry a scarf, bag or headbands with an outfit adorned with intricate embroidery and embellishing stones, but light eye-catching jewellery would be a unique way to highlight the fashion accent. Ethnic wear can make you exude a royal aura if you have punctuated the outfit with the right choice of accessories.

Neutral Makeup

Just like clothes and accessories, makeup can give you a visually expressive personality. It seems magical, as it transforms a face by concealing all your skin flaws and enhances your best features that give a boost to your confidence. Neutral makeup with a gorgeous outfit just like celebrities can make you look effortlessly elegant. An outfit with intricate embroidery or mesmerizing prints is itself an epitome of luxury and class. You don’t need to go for bright and vivid colours with it. Neutral makeup in pale peach, rose, bronze and brown tones, little blush and some highlights to add contouring can make you picture-perfect in day time.


Believe it or not, but good shoes can indeed make you look beautiful. It is surprising to know that footwear can affect your looks and the entire outfit. Wearing good pair of shoes is a unique way to convey your style persona. It is an indispensable piece of your attire that can create an impactful impression. For example, wearing a nice pair of sandals or heels with a shalwar suit will highlight your chic attractive and artistic fashion sense. Make choices for footwear meticulously, if you are one of those paying much attention to your looks.

Bottom line

Traditional symbolizes identity, power and compassion. The same is true in the case of traditional outfits!

No matter how you dressed up, it will look differently beautiful if it is traditional. There is no easy way to pull off Indian and Pakistani dresses, but Easterns love to wear them as a ritual. An outfit with fine details, a perfect makeup look and the right choice of accessories can make your looks stunning.