Which one is better online classes or physical classes

The admiration of online classes rose in the last two decades but mainly in Covid-19 times, it is basically a form of distance learning in which the tutor and students come online on a platform and continue the practices of learning and education via video call. On the other hand, physical classes troops mainly on a traditional setup where the student has to go to a proper institute to carry on education. Both of the methods are facilitating students in their own way. They have their own pros and cons. Here are some factors that will help us to determine which methods of classes is better from the other one: 

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Flexibility wise online classes are a better option than physical classes. For online classes, you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone to attend classes you can take them anywhere no matter if you are traveling. Even if you are on a vocation you don’t have to take leave from your studies you can take your classes and enjoy your vocation as well. Rather than physical classes in which you have to go to an institute to get educated. You have to be on a specific time to attend classes and have a strict schedule as well. Online classes are much more flexible to take. 

Cost Friendly 

Taking physical classes can be much more expensive than we think, the specific reason for that is you regularly have to pay to an institute on a monthly or yearly basis. This payment includes the tuition charges, billing of the electricity, examination fee, and lots of taxes. Paying taxes is not a bad thing it makes you a good citizen, but when your budget is tight you should look for options like online classes in which you don’t have to pay extra money for different things you just have to pay the tutor’s charges and the taxes are a lot less than online classes. You should always choose an option that saves you money. 

Degree programs  

Online studying provides you with so much more options, now world-renowned universities like Oxford and Harvard, and many others are offering online degrees. You don’t even have to be in that country to study at such great universities. This opens opportunities for students worldwide. Students can even choose a hybrid degree plan which means they can apply to study for two different degrees at a time. Isn’t that amazing? Well on campus studying does not offer that and to study from a well-known institute you have to leave your home and that is not possible for everyone out there. This creates a greater difference and the option of online classes is dominant in the diversity of degree programs. 

Practical Work  

Online classes might have some strong points that dominate physical/Campus classes but online classes only help in learning but when it comes to learning practical work, only physical classes can help. For instance, someone is studying Lab Technologies, then all of their learning will be around performing experiments. And apparatus for those experiments can only be provided by a renowned institute. This specific quality makes physical classes a better option for medical students. 


We cannot ignore the benefits that online classes have to offer. In order to get facilities and education at the same time, we should consider online classes. Through the light of the above-mentioned factors, it is proved that online classes are coast saving, they have more diversity in degree programs, and are flexible to take as well. On the other hand, physical classes are only beneficial if we have to perform some kind of practice that can only be performed in fully equipped labs.

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