Of late digital workplace is an aspect that has become common in every industry. Beyond the traditional benefits it benefits a company in numerous ways. A lot of times people may ask the question what is digital workplace. It is known to advance productivity and forces a business to reach new heights.

Revenue growth

 When you adopt a digital workplace it is going to have a positive impact on revenue stream of your company. The reason being digital workplace is known to save time and makes training along with education efficient. It is going to reduce the amount of time you spent on training or materials ensures that your brand is able to make sufficient profits.

An example that emerges is that of the company Experian. It is one of the largest credit rating agencies of the world and has gone on to cash in on the perks of digital workspace. It has gone on to expand their operations and become efficient. A digital transformation is one of the reasons why he company has reported a higher revenue growth.

Increased interaction

For any companies that would thrive on subscribers adoption of digital workspace may turn out to be valuable. An example of a company that emerges is News Corp. it happens to be a global media organization and in recent years has gone on to become a prime example of digital transformation. Of late it has gone on to split into two entities and both of them would be using technology for their own benefit.

An increase in efficacy

When a company adopts a digital workflow it automatically becomes efficient. It is  known to remove the standard blocks and streamline the operations a digital workflow operates a company to be operating at maximum capacity.

This is going to free up the manpower for developing newer initiatives and even a business is able to grow faster than before.

Enhancement in employee engagement

A major benefit of a digital workplace would be an increase in the engagement levels of the employees. The reason of the digital workplace is that employees would be able to cash in on the benefits of incentive operations, learning in a self- guided way along with various achievement platforms. It is going to lead on to a workforce which would be deeply concerned about the operations. It is known to strive for better success.

Better service

A digital workplace is known to embrace numerous techniques such as self – education service, mobile apps or legacy. All of them makes it easy to provide services to the customers.

How a digital workforce would benefit a company

A virtual desktop along with other forms of digital technology would be allowing an employee to work from any remote corner of the world. This is going to provide a better control over their lives since they are able to balance their personal and professional lives . it would also reduce the recruitment time since candidates would be more interested to join companies providing flexible or a remote working option

If the digital workplace is streamlined it would encourage an easy module of communication between an employer and an employee. Documents, links or images can be easily shared and an employee is able to work on a project where their physical location does not have any say. If the employees are flexible it is bound to enhance employee productivity in a major way. Since workers are not required to come to work they would be taking less sick days and instead they would be working from home.

Since the digital workplace eliminates the need for a physical space it is bound to reduce costs. A company is going to benefit immensely when they reduce the commercial storage space per square foot. It is such a form of technologies which would be compatible with the other type of technologies used in a business.

In spite of the benefits of a digital workplace it is bound to provide challenge to an organization. One of the major challenges which emerges is a lack of ability to be providing a centralized notification. Pretty much unlike a smartphone where all the notifications would be seen at a single place.