Vaping is a phenomenon that has taken the United States, if not the entire world, by storm.  Sales for these products have gone up immensely in the past decade, and it seems as though there is a good reason for this.  They are not as harmful to our lungs as inhaling the smoke from traditional cigarettes or cigars, after all.

While this is not to say that there are zero side effects that come with it, there is no denying that there are less than the usual way of smoking.  Some people use them as a way tostop their consumption of cigarettes, and eventually nicotine altogether.  However, this is not the only thing that we use them for of course.

If you want to learn more about that, make sure that you keep reading.  Today, I am going to go over the different types of vape pens and their various purposes.  Keeping track of them all is no easy task, after all.

Original Vapes

The original models were fairly clunky in design and not overly attractive.  Naturally, this did not stop people from flocking to them like bees to honey.  Still, let us just say that this technology got off to a rocky start.

The cartridges were not cheap, either, containing nicotine and still providing users with the sensation of a cigarette without the tar entering their lungs.  It is no wonder that it became such a smash hit despite the initial hiccups in user-friendly design.

The Next Models

Thankfully, it did not take long for the next generation of vapes to be created.  These are still perhaps the main type that is used, though they have been tweaked and refined since their initial release.  They use something called “vape juice,” which comes in several different flavors.

Admittedly, they are still a bit large and clunky.  You can read about why holding objects like this can be a challenge on this website, although most people do not find it overly taxing.  Sometimes, though, the hardest part is changing out the juice or adding a new flavor.

So, as you can see, there were still plenty of drawbacks when it came to these.  They remain one of the most popular types, but that is likely due to general availability and accessibility in terms of purchasing locations.  Many people who use vapes are looking to branch out, though.

Juuls and Models Like Them

Perhaps one of the most concerning types that has ever been created are these.  Juuls and similar models seemed to be aimed at adolescents more than anyone else, which is probably why federal governments across the world took notice and started to worry.  Adults are free to partake in whatever they would like in regard to tobacco and nicotine products, but when it comes to children, we should draw a line.

So, that is why I tend not to support the brands that aim towards the extremely young demographic.  There are studies that demonstrate that these chemicals can be harmful to young minds and their development, after all.

Disposable Pens

To conclude our discussion today, I want to shine a spotlight on disposable vape pens.  They are what I tend to use these days thanks to their convenience, although I admit that they will likely not work for everyone.  You can find some pictures of them here,, if it is something that intrigues you at all.

Essentially, the idea is that they are small and convenient.  You can carry them pretty much anywhere and remain inconspicuous.  They do not place any strain on my wrists, which is certainly a plus.

How easy they are is probably the biggest draw, especially for those just getting started with vaping.  Whether you are using them for nicotine or something like delta 8, they do not have buttons and there is no need to recharge them.  Wondering why that would be appealing at all?

Well, with some of the more permanent options, there is always the risk that you drop them or break them otherwise.  They are quite expensive, and repairs are not exactly cheap either.  Having a way to still get the experiencing of vaping without the fear that we will break our precious equipment is one of their main appeals.

If you are wondering how many puffs that you would get from them, this can vary.  With that being said, though, more often than not you can anticipate getting as many as you would from a normal pack of cigarettes (the twenty packs).  This applies to the ones that have delta 8 inside of them as well.

How do we Choose, then?

For the most part, what works right for you will be a bit of an exploration process for you.  I cannot exactly sit here and tell you which ones to use.  Rather, I can offer my own perspectives and experiences in the hopes that it will offer you a bit of guidance as well.

Personally, I stick to the disposable models.  However, I know a lot of my friends prefer the larger and permanent ones.  Like I said, preferences are largely a personal thing and no one else can really dictate them.

So, my main advice here is to try out the different options.  Consider consulting with customer service reps at different stores if you are feeling super lost.  Even talking to friends can make for a valuable resource!