No matter if you are new to cannabis cultivation or an experienced grower, hydroponic supplies can make life much simpler. Here are five advantages of using hydroponic supplies for growing cannabis:

Hydroponic systems provide plants with all of their necessary nutrients without needing to dig and mix soil, leading to faster growth and enhanced resilience.The Hydro store is known for its exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

1. Faster Growth

Hydroponic supplies for growing cannabis offer many advantages, such as faster growth rates, larger yields, and a decreased risk of disease or pests.

Hydroponic systems allow cannabis plants to grow quickly, as they do not need to search for food and water like they would in soil. This saves the grower both time and energy, as well as money.

Nutrients are essential for cannabis plant growth. Make sure you select nutrient solutions designed specifically for hydroponic growing, with different levels of nutrients for vegetative and flowering stages, plus essential micronutrients needed for healthy development.

2. Higher Yields

Hydroponic growers have the unique advantage of controlling the amount of each nutrient their cannabis plants receive, enabling them to provide their plants with precisely the right ingredients for producing top-notch buds. This provides them with precise control over plant health.

Nutrients containing dissolved solids can be an issue in hydroponic systems, so it’s critical to use a quality water filtration system. Doing this will guarantee that dissolved minerals don’t adversely impact plant growth.Hydro shop offers a wide variety of hydroponic equipment for indoor gardening enthusiasts.

Most hydroponic growers recommend maintaining a temperature of 20oC or lower when growing cannabis, as this temperature has been found to be ideal. Hot nutrient solutions can encourage unwanted bacterial growth, so using a chiller is an essential component for any hydroponic system.

Optimizing airflow is another critical element for increased yields, which can be achieved with any type of ventilation system. Furthermore, monitoring relative humidity levels is recommended to avoid mold or bud rot issues.

3. Easier Maintenance

Hydroponic supplies give growers more precise control of a plant’s environment, making it simpler to provide optimal conditions for cannabis plant health.

Controlling temperature, humidity and pH levels is an integral aspect of growing cannabis. Furthermore, having the appropriate equipment to do so is paramount.

To do this, it’s necessary to have a thermometer, hygrometer and pH/EC meter (preferably digital). Calibrate these meters regularly and keep spares on hand in case one or more start providing inaccurate readings.

In addition to these accessories, growers also require an ideal hydroponics nutrient mix. This should contain various essential minerals like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

4. Reduced Risk of Disease

Hydroponic supplies supply plants with all the essential nutrients they need directly in water, without soil. This allows growers to precisely control how much of each nutrient their cannabis plant receives and ensure that it remains healthy.

Hydroponic growers must be conscious of the pH levels in their growing medium. Ideal pH range should be between 5.6 – 5.8.

Hydroponic grow media often consist of perlite, rock wool or vermiculite which have high water holding capacities and excellent root aeration levels. Clay pebbles are another popular option due to their large pore spaces that allow nutrient solutions to pass through them easily.

For most hydroponic systems, a regular flood and drain schedule is recommended, depending on the grow medium, ambient temperature, and nutrient needs. This process submerses cannabis roots in a nutrient solution for around 5-15 minutes every few hours.

5. Easier Cleaning

Hydroponic supplies make it simpler to keep your growing areas clean, which is essential for health and ensuring you deliver only the safest products possible.

Furthermore, your plants will be able to flourish in a more controlled environment, helping reduce the risk of disease and pest infestations that could ruin your harvest.

Hydroponic supplies make it easier to maintain accurate pH levels in your grow room, since there is no soil to draw nutrients out of. However, you still need to test your water frequently for nutrient balance.