Before you inherit a house, there are some things that you need to know. You may have been expecting an inheritance from a loved one and not realized the responsibility of taking on a home. You must get professional advice before making any decisions about your new property! Here are some common questions people have when they inherit an estate: What if I can’t afford it? How do I protect myself from being taken advantage of by a buyer? Do I need to move in right away? What should I do with all of my inherited stuff? In this post, we’ll answer these questions and more so that they prepare you for what might come next.

This blog post will cover what you need to know and includes our Five Things to Look for in a Probate Realtor in Los Angeles.

How and why to use a probate realtor.

Probate Realtors are experts in the area of probate and can help you navigate through this process. Probate often involves a lot of paperwork and legal documents requiring you to file them in a timely and correct manner. The probate realtor will take care of these tasks for you, work with a probate attorney, and handle all the marketing and listing your property to sell for top dollar. A probate realtor can also help determine an appropriate price point for your home to ensure it sells quickly. 

Five things to look for in a probate realtor Los Angeles

The process of probate can be an arduous one. But there are some things to look for in a good probate realtor in Los Angeles who will help you through the process and ensure that your heirs receive what they’re due. 

Here are five things to keep in mind when looking for a probate realtor: 

1) Experience- The more years your potential estate agent has been working with clients, the better equipped they’ll be able to handle any situation that arises. 

2) Multiple Resources- A good estate agent should have a complete team in place to provide all your probate needs. 

3) Communication Skills- Your time is valuable, and you deserve a professional who will respect that fact by being well organized and prepared as well as being available at any time and day via phone or email if needed. 

4) Many Reviews- When looking for an experienced probate realtor, you want to check what others have said about the experience.

5) Knows the Needs of a Probate Attorney- Finding an experienced probate realtor in Los Angeles that knows what a probate attorney needs will ensure a smooth process.

Check out this video for more information on what to look for in an experienced probate real estate agent: Five things to look for in a probate realtor in Los Angeles

Reasons why you want to use the best probate realtor in Los Angeles

Going with the best probate realtor in Los Angeles is an essential part of the process. There are many benefits to using a professional with experience when it comes to probate matters. They can help you navigate the complex system, find answers to your questions, and be there every step of the way while navigating through probate court. 

Like most, this is your first, and hopefully, the last time you are going through a probate process. You want to make sure you know what is required of you as an heir or beneficiary. We have compiled five reasons why using the best probate realtor in Los Angeles will help facilitate the sale.   

1) The best probate realtors are educated on all aspects of selling property that has been subject to a will or trust.  

2) They know how to handle any issues that arise during the process, such as taxes, liens, and other legal matters. 

3) They know whom to contact for various tasks related to completing a successful sale. 

4) They have a creditable team that has helped many others with a probate sale.

5) In most instances, they can save you more money than handling the process yourself.

Probate FAQs

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of settling an estate. It is overseen by a court-appointed executor or administrator who distributes assets according to instructions and applicable laws. Here are some common questions about probate, including how much it costs, what you need to know before proceeding, and more.

How long is the probate process?

The Probate process generally takes approximately nine to twelve months to complete. Suppose a will or trust is not set up before the decedent’s death. Probate is the only way to transfer real property from the deceased person to the heirs. 

For more answers to frequently asked questions concerning probate, visit: Los Angeles Probate Real Estate Sales


From the emotional to the practical, inheriting a house can be an overwhelming experience. As executor of your parent’s estate, you must know what responsibilities come with this role and how to make sure everything runs smoothly. An experienced probate real estate agent should be able to help you navigate all aspects of selling a property while also being sensitive to your needs as someone who has just lost their loved one. Our team has helped many families through these steps before, and we want to do the same for you. Contact Josh V Realty today for assistance with anything related to probate. You’ll be glad you did!