If you’re fed up with the freezing European winters and the sky-high prices of living in a developed country, why not make a life-changing move and relocate to a tropical paradise? If you think Thailand is a little backward, think again; The Royal Kingdom has better infrastructure than most western nations, plus you are only a few hours from amazing unspoilt beaches.

If the idea of waking up each morning in a tropical paradise appeals to you, here are some tips for relocating to Thailand, known as the Land of Smiles.

  • Employment – Assuming you are chasing the dollar like most of us, you will need to find a job in Thailand and that would very much depend on what talents you have. The other option is registering a new Thai company, which can be done with the help of a Thai law firm. You could find a Thai partner and set up a restaurant or even an e-commerce store, then you can manage your business from your laptop.
  • Learn the Language – If you want to gain an insight into Thai culture, you need to engage with the locals and they are warm to foreigners that make an effort to speak Thai. Not only that, it is extremely useful when you want something and outside of Bangkok and tourist regions, not many people speak English. There are many Thai language schools in Bangkok and you have every opportunity to practice, which should lead to being able to have a basic conversation.
  • Take a Holiday First – Even though it is one of the most popular destinations, Thailand isn’t for everyone and you should come for a 3-month holiday to experience the country for yourself. While there, you can find out accommodation costs and get the feel of this unique country, then you can plan your relocation. If you do run a business, cyber-security is something to be concerned about.
  • Take Out Health Insurance – Private Thai hospitals are very expensive and should you need emergency care, you will need deep pockets; search online for a leading health insurance provider and ask for quotes, they would have several packages from emergency cover only to comprehensive cover.
  • Visas & Entry Requirements – There are several ways to obtain a long-term visa to stay in Thailand; if you marry a Thai citizen, you can apply for extension of stay based on marriage; other options include studying Thai language or culture and if you are over 50, you can apply for a retirement visa that can be renewed in-country every year. Do not overstay your visa, as Thai Immigration takes a very dim view and aside from being fined 500 baht for every day you overstay, you could be blacklisted.
  • Choosing a Location – Thailand is quite a large country, with a northern region that is mountainous and the central plains, with the Eastern seaboard attracting many foreign residents and aside from Bangkok, there are a few nice places along the coast on the way to the south, where the premium beach resorts are located.

Bangkok is the number 1 choice for digital nomads, which is a reflection of the popularity of amazing Thailand.