Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust is a non-profit organisation operating in Pakistan & Kashmir to enhance humanity’s fight against difficulty, social injustice, and environmental disaster. Through the plan of immediate relief and the centre of self-reliant development programs, we mean to offer real, trusted alternatives.

We work all year-round to establish healthcare, education, and self-earning programs that blaze a trail for empowered, self-serving locations. We similarly provide food, medical aid, and disaster relief throughout emergency circumstances, an essential intervention that saves lives.

Our competent local groups can access a few of the most hard-to-reach places in Pakistan & Kashmir, at their most vulnerable of times.

Amongst our objectives is to raise Azad Kashmir out of challenge through education. By notifying generations, we can use understanding, trade, and commerce to improve earnings rather of depending on contributions that may never ever come through.

We have an internal school that exist in our Mirpur Azad Kashmir KORT Complex together with Quran classes that occur in our Mosque! Our Orphans are the main receivers of our Education program and without your contributions—they will not have the capability to take part in school otherwise.

Through our Education program, you can sponsor a child for a year or supply funds for our day to day running costs.

Abu Darda reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and true blessings be upon him, stated, “Bring the orphan near to you, pat his head, and feed him with the exact same food you consume. It will soften your heart and satisfy your requirement.”

We are constructing our 2nd KORT Complex in SawabiAlamabad! This job will be focused on kids with specials needs. You can contribute any quantity towards the building and construction of this job which is anticipated to begin in Feb 2021!

At the heart of our work is to build this 2nd complex that will expand the way of life for the kids. Improving kids’ daily lives by securing them against illness; providing them with scholastic research study; and by offering access to proper nutrition, water, and sanitation services can use a cushion that would help and alleviate suffering in emergency situations.

KORT 2 will consist of a Mosque, home for the kids, cutting-edge school, and improvement programs, we plan to put a smile on the faces of the receivers and to bring them peace through faith.

With Ramadan coming please donate generously towards one of KORT’s projects. We have a number of projects running in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.