In the past, people used to convert contents on images to editable text by manually writing it down on paper or typing it in on a word file. But this manual conversion method was nothing but a waste of time and effort.

The manual procedure of converting images to word took a lot of time, and the end results were not all accurate. So a new technology was developed to work on this problem online. Today we know it as JPG to Word online converter tools.

In this article, we are going to tell you what these converter tools are, what are the best options in this league and how you can use these tools? If you are interested in getting rid of all the manual efforts, then we would suggest you read this post!

What is an Online JPG to Word converter?

A jpg to word converter is an online tool that can efficiently change the jpg format of images to editable word/text files. Today there are hundreds of jpg to word converter tools listed on the web. Many websites are offering free services for desktops, and you can also find hundreds of applications for a smartphone in this league. Now we obviously cannot tell you about each and every jpg to word converter tool on the web, but we have surely listed out some of the well-reputed choices that you can find online.

If you want to experience the use of an online jpg to word online converter tool, then we would suggest you try out the options listed below.

Best Online JPG to Word Converter tools

You should know that the OCR technology or images to text converter tools are different from this advanced technology. OCR tools can simply scan all sorts of files and change them to textual format. This is not the case with online JPG to Word converter tools. These tools can only cater to the conversion of JPG images to MS Word. If you expect more or less from these tools, then probably you should try other options.

JPG to Word converter by SmallSEOTools

The jpg to word converter by is one of the top utilities in this league. We would like you to know that this free jpg to text tool is very easy to use. The working of this jpg to word ocr tool is simple as soup, and you would not need any prior experience to utilize it. This jpg to word converter tool has integrations with Dropbox and Google drive, and because of this feature, you can also convert the images that are stored on these cloud storage spaces. If you want to know how to operate this jpg to word converter tool, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the jpg to doc converter tool on your browser.
  2. Use the upload option to drag images from your local or cloud storage spaces.
  3. After feeding input, click on the ‘convert now’ button.

This is how easy it is to convert your jpg images to word. There is no limitation to the number of images.


This is a complete website service that offers tons of tools related to document conversion. You should know that the JPG to Word converter tool by this website is among the popular choices. You can either use it online, or you can download its application version for free. If you are keen to know how to convert with this tool, then you have to simply:

  1. Open the tool on your browser from the website.
  2. Choose the method of conversion.
  3. Add the files that you want to change the editable text.
  4. Click “convert” to finish the process.

You can use this JPG converter for both partial and batch conversions.


This is another resource that you can use for JPG to Word conversion. This is a very easy-to-use tool that certainly comes with dozens of features. You would be surprised to know that today more than millions of people from all across the globe are using this tool for media conversions. The reason that this tool is among the most trusted utilities is that it is fast, accurate, and convenient to use. If you want to convert JPG to word, then you simply have to follow three simple steps:

  • Choose the JPG image that you want to convert to word and enter it into the tool.
  • Select the ‘convert’ button after selecting the resultant format to WORD.
  • Download the converted file.

JPG Converter by Duplichecker

Duplichecker also offers hundreds of free tools. In fact, there is a designated section for converters on the main interface of this site. In the converter tools, you are going to find the JPG to Word converter, which would get you editable text from your images in less than seconds. The tool has a lot of friendly features like drag and drop, which would make the conversion process easy for you. If you want a quick and safe converter tool, then you should give this one a fair chance. Steps to convert JPG to Word are:

  • Open the site and navigate the JPG converter tool.
  • Upload the JPG file in the upload box.
  • Hit the convert image button.
  • Download the Word file.
  • Repeat.

All of these free JPG to word converter tools are super easy to use. You can save a lot of your time and money if you subscribe to them!