For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the most challenging experience of our lives, having an enormous impact on the way we as humans interact. Pre-Coronavirus, you may have been offered a coffee, or a snack from a colleague. Now, it wouldn’t be strange to be handed some Antibacterial Spray, infact it would be preferable.

Modern workplaces have had to reimagine their dynamic in order to fall in line with health guidelines. As such, the workplace as we used to know it will never return, replaced by the ‘new normal’.

Here are three important ways the workplace has changed forever from COVID-19:

  1. Working from Home

Before Coronavirus, the idea of being allowed to work from home seemed like an amazing yet unattainable prospect. Now, it is safe to say many of us miss the social interaction that comes from being in an office environment with your colleagues.

It is crucial for employers to make WFH life seem as normal as possible and to implement the necessary support systems to ensure overall morale. Employers must also make sure that staff are supplied with the adequate technology so that work performance does not take a hit.

2.    Overcoming Social Isolation

Employers are now having to make sure that their employees have the necessary support and tools to overcome social isolation. Whether it be regular work catch ups, check ins with co-workers or team building activities over Zoom, overcoming social isolation is going to be a huge factor for employees.

3.    An increase in Employee Flexibility

Certain employees may struggle working within the typical schedule due to location constraints or other commitments that can affect productivity. One thing employers may find that has changed forever is the ‘my internet isn’t working’ line to get some extra free time!

By promoting flexibility within the workplace, a culture of trust and honesty can be fostered, leading to better end results. By taking a more coaching role and giving people true responsibility, you can make employees feel more trusted and steer them based on end results.

There you have it – three important ways that the workplace has transformed forever after the pandemic.