2021 is set to be a big year for personal environmental consciousness as many look to offset the devastating year of 2020 with new, environmental campaigns to reduce their personal footprint. In fact, a recent study of United Kingdom residents found that a whipping 38% would be actively pursuing green practices in 2021 to reduce their personal footprint.

If you are one of the 62% of UK residents that do not find yourself in this bracket, or you’re simply looking for some information, we have compiled a list of three keyways that you can reduce your personal footprint in 2021 and help to build a better tomorrow for the global environment.

Conscious Waste Removal Practices

Before you dump that furniture or look for a way to dispose of it in a local pickup, it may be a good idea to look at ways that you can dispose of it in a way that reduces your environmental footprint. Did you know that an estimated 26% of UK residents will dispose of furniture or hard rubbish in 2021? Eco friendly Furniture Removal Sydney company Away has noted a stark increase in the number of individuals enquiring about the end destination of their hard rubbish. To reduce your impact, it makes sense to invest in services that prioritise an eco-friendly end destination for your furniture.

Reduce Your Driving

If you are amongst the 18-million UK residents that live in built up or metropolitan areas, then there is no excuse to not use public transport. Reducing your driving is a highly effective way to cut down on transport costs and reduce your overall environmental footprint in 2021.

Reusable Materials Go a Long Way

Before you buy a bottle of water, consider this. Just 23% of all plastic bottles in the United Kingdom are recycled each year. Taking a bottle from home or investing in a reusable bottle is an effective way to reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfill each year. This is an effective way to reduce personal waste consumption and make a significant impact on your footprint.