As society changes and technology advances the careers of the past, those of the present are changing and adapting to suit. It is always a difficult decision to make as to what you would like to do with the rest of your working life. There are some certainties, those careers that always seem to be at the forefront in terms of demand, and then there are those that trend based on changing needs and societal flux. This article details the top trending careers of the moment and describes how you, too, can get involved and find meaningful, sustainable employment for the long term.

Well-being and healthcare

Across the globe, healthcare is seen as one of the most sustainable career choices there is. The simple fact is that all human beings have health and well-being as one of their main objectives, and as such, the provision of these services will be required and in demand for as long as we continue to exist. The fact that we will also live longer than ever before in human existence will result in us needing these professionals and support for longer periods.

Proactive healthcare is on the rise, and more people than ever before want to be actively involved in their health and well-being. This necessitates an increase in the number of professionals able to consult and engage with patients to improve and continue to encourage this way of life.

Healthcare is a professional career, and some sectors are very high risk, and as such, you will need a recognized healthcare qualification. The bachelor’s in nursing or emergency first aid qualifications are generally the accepted entrance route into the sector.

Well-being, on the other hand, can be a little more flexible, and you’ll be able to teach and train yoga or tai chi to beginners should you have the skills yourself and possess some good people skills as well.


It may be another one of the most basic needs of human existence; we all want to learn and advance ourselves. Getting into the education field or sector is one of the most advised options by career counselors, and for good reason. It is one of the most sustainable and feel-good jobs that there is. Furthermore, a professional teaching qualification can be the passport to travel and teach around the world. You can, therefore, also study internationally with an online masters in education UK that will allow you to find work in numerous different places or sectors.

As with healthcare, the accepted entrance route into education is a 3-year bachelor’s degree, although it is also one of the careers wherein work experience, classroom assistance, and top-class sector-specific skills can lead to a career in teaching.

Food innovation services and catering

We all need to eat, and what we eat and where it comes from are the big questions of our time. Being able to solve these issues, or at least be part of the solution, is a job for the now and the future. Food technology is a trending career option, and it encompasses an immense variety of roles and jobs related to the development of improved nutrition as well as agricultural, scientific improvements. Being able to deliver sustainable food systems across the globe is going to be one of the dominant challenges of our time. Solving this challenge is the coal face for a new range of food science, agronomy, food packaging technologist jobs, and many more. Food innovation is extremely wide, and the opportunities are incredibly diverse in the current climate where people want to eat healthier and also eat in a way that is sustainable for the planet.

Sustainability and the green economy

The demise of our world is at hand, and as such, there is a booming sector aimed at both disruption and innovating around the green solutions that may slow this ultimate end. Renewable energy, electric transport, nature conservation, and any business models that entail the reduction of carbon-based fuels are presenting as some of the most in-demand jobs that there are at the moment.

Sustainability jobs are currently incredibly abundant as all businesses look to improve their own green credentials and will need someone versed in sustainability, green energy, and fuel-saving technology to meet these ambitions. A clear understanding of the principles of sustainability can be learned as part of current management certificates and courses, or you can simply do a short course online to add these skills to your current skills set. Others also volunteer or start a green recycling project at their current workplace as a means of entry.

The green economy is also now a major part of all college and university courses and can be taken as a stand-alone qualification. Being able to conduct environmental impact assessments or stakeholder analysis for new businesses is one of the fastest-growing green economy jobs at the moment and is expected to continue in this vein.

Simply add technology

There is so much advice out there as to how to rejuvenate your career, and yet some of the best advice is simply to add technology. Any of the career choices aforementioned can be upgraded and improved by simply adding the appropriate technology. The latest computing and information technology that exists is now required by most sectors and industries to improve systems, personalize marketing with big data and be able to integrate and link the various aspects of business and personal life.

It has been proven that a mid-career change is best effected by simply learning and improving your technological know-how and understanding for your current role or looking to develop the tech skills that will allow you to enter any of the sectors mentioned above as tech support or to set up and maintain IT systems.

Concluding comments

Finding the right career or changing careers can be a daunting aspect in an age of uncertainty and economic downturn. However, there remains a number of positive options and areas of growth that can be harnessed and used to create and sustain a career in a number of different fields, as discussed above.