Autostream 360 is a company that repairs damages and dents in cars automobiles and vehicles with the assistance of professional technicians. We use a paintless dent repair (PDR) procedure that is a way of repairing automobiles with the help of tools to reshape the metal in its original contour without touching its original paint finish. Dents were fixed in such a manner that they never existed before on any vehicle. We restore an entire vehicle to its original condition. You will be happy with our services. Our name becomes a brand now we are the best car company repairs in town. We owe professional hard working diligent technicians. We repair the following:

  • Minor Creases
  •  Hail Damage
  • Door Ding
  • Large Dents
  • Bodylines Damage

The PDR process

Auto stream 360 PDR professional technicians use specified high-quality tools to gently flex the metal to its original form. Our professional workers are competent in doing their job. They completely remove the damage and restore the vehicles to their original shape. In manufacturing sub straight body panels and original memory is created under enormous pressure. We do our work with efficiency. Your word is our command. We do ceramic 360 coating on automobiles so they can be saved from acid rain UV damage oxidation tar tree sap itching and paint chalking. We offer high-quality services with an affordable range as compared to our quality work our prices are very low. We also provide paint protection films to cars. We serve our clients efficiently with zero inconveniences. We pay clients deductibles. We provide concierge services pick-up and delivery. 

Dent estimate price

The cost of the repair depends upon damage that has been done to the client’s automobile. 

Multiple dents

Our pricing is reasonable and depends upon the accidental condition of the automobile we pricedAdditional dents on the same panel are 50% of the dent price. The largest dent is always the first dent priced per panel. 

Aluminum Panels

Aluminum panels are priced at a 25% increase from the above pricing. We provide our services for increasing vehicle shelf life. 

Body Line Dents

Body line dents cure are very important. Fixation in body line dents maintains automobile condition. We add 25% per dent, depending on sharpness.

The price rates are given below will help you in estimating your cost of repair.

  • 1″ up to 2″From $125 to $175
  • 2″ up to 3″From $175 to $225
  • 3″ up to 4″From $225 to $275
  • 4″ up to 5″From $275 to $325
  • 5″ and larger priced by tech

You can contact us at our website and we leave our continental address that is ;

6920 S Jordan Rd Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112. You can email about your problem at the following address We provide our services from Monday to Friday (8 AM To 5 PM ). You will be amazed by our professional attitude and hard work. We repair dented automobiles with such a skill that nobody can recognize accidental damage that happens to your car. And we provide our services with complete honesty and efficiency.