Whether you are busy planning a family celebration, a graduation celebration or other personal event, or else have been tasked with the organization of an office Christmas party or similar business function, there is genuinely no better decision when planning the drinks element of the celebration than to employ the services of event bartenders.

So, grab yourself a cup of coffee, put down your planning notebook and continue reading to discover the top four reasons why you should hire event bartenders for your next function.

1.    Event Bartenders Are Perfect For Any Occasion

No matter what the style, level of formality (or informality) or size of your next event, hiring the services of a professional, established and renowned event bartending company will mean the entirety of your booze and soft drinks needs, are fully catered for.

Event bartenders can make all sorts of celebrations, occasions, functions and events a stand-out, stellar success, including but categorically in no way limited to:

  • Baby Showers
  • Graduation Parties
  • Mardi Gras Celebrations
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Birthday Events
  • Wedding Functions
  • Corporate Engagements

2.    Event Bartenders Are Highly Trained & Skilled

The art of bartending is often overlooked by people who are not currently, nor ever have been, associated and involved with the profession.

The truth is, however, that there is an incredibly high level of skill needed to for a role in bartending and as a result, your party, event or work’s function will be afforded an air and atmosphere of professionalism and talent, provided by the mobile bartenders whom you hire.

There are numerous signs of a talented and skilled bartender, including patience, extreme levels of prioritizing and general organization, an enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, high levels of confidence, excellent people skills and a propensity for teamwork.

3.    Event Bartenders Have A Genuine Passion For Bartending

As in any other professional role, a genuine passion for the job a person is doing makes an unbelievable amount of difference to the general atmosphere and level of service experienced by the clients.

Furthermore, professional and established event bartending companies ensure that each and every one of their employees possess more than a few certifications and qualifications in the field as well as an extensive working knowledge of the preparation and correct serving of a myriad of different spirits, beers and cocktails.

Additionally, event bartenders are thoroughly insured and licensed to serve at a wide variety of venues, locations and different styles of functions.

4.    Event Bartenders Are Fully Schooled In Specific State Laws & Legal Requirements

Even if a member of your party or work colleague is themselves particular adept at making incredibly delicious cocktails, it is strongly advisable that you don’t simply ask them if they would mind providing the refreshments for the evening.

Professional bartenders are able to identify fake IDs, drunken guests and not to mention are aware of the specific state laws.