electrician and plumber

Not many people know or realize it, but becoming a professional plumber or electrician is not that easy. From getting a  diploma in it to practicing it daily, while struggling with several other side issues, it takes a lot of struggle. 

If you ask an experienced electrician, he will tell you about numerous little things that can cause a lot of trouble, but still, go unnoticed. For example, you never know how risky it would be for an electrician to wear flip flops while working, they are literally putting their lives for you. 

If you are aspiring to make a name for these professionals, then it would be necessary for you to keep a few things in mind, follow some tips, and have the most needed accessories. These accessories include your suit, the attire you would wear, the bags, and the work boots like the Thorogood boots, every man working in the field would need. In this article, we are sharing with you all of this and a bit more, so that you can start your career safely and smoothly. 

Work boots 

To ensure safety and to work comfortably, you need to invest in amazing and huge work boots. Wearing regular office or formal shoes would be of no use. You never know where the client is living and what would be the condition of their neighborhood. Similarly, those working to fix the wires, need to avoid any contact with the ground. Thus wearing thick sole shoes is the best idea. It is necessary for their safety. 

While you choose the work boots ensure that it has a soft sole. Moreover, you should also consider the size of the boots. They must be slightly larger than your feet. Most of the time, people buy work boots that are fit for them, but as time passes they feel uncomfortable. This irritation is caused by the swelling in one’s feet, so to avoid this inconvenience you should go for the bigger size, check out some amazing work shoes by Thorogood boots

A raincoat 

Electricity and drainage issues are often caused by rain and thunderstorm, so without any doubt, both the plumbers and the electricians require raincoats. If you are yet to buy all the required accessories do not forget to add this one to your list. It would be better to buy a raincoat with large pockets in it, as you will need to carry some tools and stuff with you while you are hanging somewhere to fix something. 


Thick and durable leather gloves are a must if you are working to fix wires or water pipes. For electricians, these thick gloves would be for safety, and for plumbers it would be a source to avoid cringe. You never know what type of stuff you will have to carry or touch while plumbing. 

Loose clothes 

Do not try to impress your client with the clothes, this is the first rule when you are out for such jobs. They are least concerned about what you wear. It would be better to wear loose trousers and shirts. As they will be comfortable, and airy. You will not feel sweaty. 

A lot of cotton socks 

You cannot wear any other type of synthetic socks if you are out for such jobs. Cotton socks are the best because they will absorb sweat, without causing any uneasiness. You must buy a pair of socks for every other day. 

Smartwatch and AirPods

Would you not get irritated when some clients call you while you work? Of course, it will be annoying, but attending to the client is also very important. To maintain such situations effortlessly, you need to wear a smartwatch. Instead of picking up your phone and getting distracted, it would be better if you invest in a smartwatch and AirPods. So that you should keep the focus while attending to the next client. Here you can check the best smartwatch to take out on work. 

Do not go for handsfree or wired AirPods. The wireless ones are ideal for such situations. Otherwise, there will be a risk of getting into trouble only because the wires of the headset got stuck in the wrong place. 

A bag 

Where would you keep all the tools? Of course in the bag. But a plumber and electrician should not buy the ordinary bag. It must be a large bag with several pockets of various sizes. A monotonous bag will be of no use.


Do you think that you know the entire city? Well, no one does, but you can expect clients from anywhere in your region. So to reach your work point in time, without creating any mess you should keep a GPS application on your mobile phone. 

Water bottle and snacks 

Usually, people would not care if the electrician or plumber working at their place had food. However, to maintain the work pace, one needs to have some food. So keeping a water bottle and snacks is essential.