LPG has a huge impact on our lives. From housing to hygiene, clothing to glass, livestock to hospitality, ‘Bharat gas’ is a major cooking gas supplier. The world-class combination of clean, inexpensive fuel and efficient services can help your prestigious companies expand.

Out of the 7 BPCL’s business units, Bharatgas owns the marketing of LPG and propane across the country. To meet the needs of industries, hotels, malls, IT parks, cars, and other businesses, Bharat gas offers industrial gas cylinders. Bharat gas also provides various industrial services to companies that need them, such as customer advisory services, energy audits, e-banking, consulting & technical services, fuel management systems, etc.

Industrial products:

Bharat gas is available in various packages, ranging from a compact 5kg cylinder to the hugely common 19 kg box, the dependable 35kg and 47.5kg capacity cylinders, and the 422 Kg Hippo. Both kits are eligible for VOT/LOT as well as BMCG installs. Bulk tankers with capacities ranging from 6 to 18 MT enable customers to customize their packages to meet their needs.

Bharat gas can provide butane and propane separately thanks to the state-of-the-art blending plant at JNPT, resulting in improved end product efficiency for customers who need them through the industrial gas cylinder.

Services for consultation:

Bharat gas assists at every stage of the process, from designing LPG systems to running, maintaining, and troubleshooting, making operations more easy, efficient, and secure.

They also, provide technical support and services during the project’s initial setup process and after development has begun. They supply industrial gas cylinders to multiple users in Malls, IT parks, and business centers.

Safety and training:

Even though LPG is a fully safe oil, it is still a flammable fuel. As a result, protection is at the heart of all of their business processes at the industrial gas cylinders. Bharat gas provides comprehensive safety solutions, including safety audits and training to their staff and customers alike.

Installations of bulk LPG and Propane:

Bharat gas bulk solutions are custom-made to suit the needs of each customer. As per SMPV rules (UF) 1981, a bulk system consists of one or more LPG bullet tanks (above ground or mounded) and associated equipment. These storage vessels are perfect for meeting huge production needs and can be refilled on-site using our mobile LPG tankers from an industrial gas cylinder. Bharat gas provides LPG Propane and Butane separately from various sources through a dedicated fleet of transporters, resulting in improved end-product performance for customers who need these products.

Installations of Conventional VOT:

Customers who need a low flow rate should ideally go for Vapor Off-Take LPG installations. This is currently used in various commercial and industrial applications.

Installation of LOTS:

Off-Take of Liquid When flow rates are high, LPG installations are better and safer choice than traditional Vapor Off Takes (VOT) industrial gas cylinder. These installations, which use a vaporizer, are currently being used in various commercial and industrial applications for customers that need a high LPG flow rate for their processes.

Extra Benefits:

  • The residue is almost non-existent.
  • Saves room: as opposed to bulk installations, it takes up less space.
  • When compared to bulk installations, construction costs are lower.
  • When compared to VOT installations, a compact installation means less cylinder handling.
  • High Standards of Safety: Every Bharatgas LOT installation complies with the IS 6044 safety standards. Bharatgas also implements its high standards to ensure that customer protection takes precedence over all else.


If you are looking for new installations of gas in your industrial space, you can contact any nearest industrial gas cylinder or call on the toll-free number of Bharat gas and speak to an expert.