Indian weddings are popular all around the world for their wonderful traditions and lavishness. Complete with dance, music, and rituals, each culture in India has its own unique style of celebrating a wedding. And like these unique styles, each culture has its own Mangalsutra design, which you could choose depending on your lifestyle and attire!

Ways to choose the right Mangalsutra design

If deciding on the right mangalsutra design seems like a really tough task, check out this brief buying guide that can help make the process easier!

  1. Consider Cultural Requirements

Each culture has different requirements depending on its traditions, so before choosing a mangalsutra design, learn more about exactly what your tradition requires. There are many special styles of Mangalsutra styles like Thalu, Dehjoor, Minnu, and KathmaniPathak, and from these, you will be able to find the perfect design to suit your traditional attire and culture.

  1. Go for a versatile choice.

When choosing a design, you might want to consider choosing one that you can wear with nontraditional clothes as well. If the design ends up being too traditional, then you might find yourself worrying too much about whether it suits your casual and office attire. Therefore, before choosing a design, go for a piece that is not too big nor too petite and pay attention to the shape of the pendant to ensure it’s a subtle addition to your attire.

  1. Selecting the chain length

Another extremely important factor to consider before choosing a necklace is to pick the right chain length. A lot of women prefer going for a chain high up the collarbone, but some might go for a longer one as well, depending on their personal style. Moreover, you could add in extra loops at the back of the chain to adjust the length depending on your outfit.

  1. The right metal

The most common metal options for mangalsutra are white and yellow gold, but instead of going for a single colour, you could go for dual-toned charms. This way, you would have the best of both worlds while it goes great with your casual accessories and outfits. For other unique options, you could consider rose gold and platinum as well.

  1. Picking the right pendant style

Diamond mangalsutras are a very popular choice that allows you to get creative with your designs. Diamonds have always been a versatile choice because it allows you to get creative with your mangalsutra designs, especially when you combine them with sapphires and gemstones.

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Check out these trending mangalsutra design styles that would appeal to any modern bride!

  1. Elegant pearls

Pearls are an uncommon addition to mangalsutras, but these are definitely cutesy materials to add to your jewelry. Pearls would embellish the charm of any metal, and the black beads- definitely adding to the charm of your jewelry.

  1. Blending diamonds and gold

When going through the latest mangalsutra designs, you might find that many styles feature a beautiful blend of gold and diamonds. Contemporary brides love

to choose a mangalsutra that embraces their casual style while keeping it’s traditional chic intact- the perfect option being diamonds and gold.

  1. Floral mangalsutras

If you are looking for an evergreen design that goes well with everything, then look no further than a floral diamond mangalsutra. You might find a lot of floral design options out there, made from various coloured gold or platinum, and these metals can definitely enhance the brilliance of the diamonds. You could even go for dual-toned options as well.

  1. A pop of colour

Instead of going for the traditional white and black tones for your mangalsutra, you could add in a pop of colour for something more unique. For example, you could include designs featuring red and green stones along with your diamonds and black beads.

  1. The subtle option

Forget the traditional statement mangalsutra pendants and go for a single solitaire stud instead! Set in either prong or bezel setting, a small solitaire pendant would enhance the beauty of your back beaded chain and will suit your everyday attire.

  1. Half and Half

Looking for something super unique? Then check out a half and half neo-traditional mangalsutra design! One side of the necklace would be beaded with basic black beads, while the other side would feature a dainty gold chain with diamonds.

Many mangalsutra design options can perfectly suit modern brides. Therefore, be sure to check out all of these designs to pick the perfect one!

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