I usually know that a flat foot is very common in children and babies, but I never knew it might be an adult issue.

I was surprised when my orthopedic doctor told me that I have Adult acquired flatfoot deformity, and that is why I feel pain in my feet and back while walking or standing for a long time, or doing some sports like running and jumping.

I wanted to know more about this issue, so the ortho specialist in Dubai Novomed center explained to me that my case is common in adults, and it results from several malformations in the foot and ankle. He told me that in this case, the arch collapses and causes pain and loss of function in the feet, which can affect my life and my ability to walk.

I asked him also about the causes of the adult acquired flatfoot deformity, and he told me that there are several causes that might lead to this condition, but in my case, he guessed it occurred due to an injury or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. And to diagnose my condition better, he asked me to do some medical exams and screenings so he can define the cause, and then chose the right treatment.

So I did all the exams he asked for and got back to him. When he saw the results, he told me that the cause was an untreated injury, which lead to this case. I didn’t remember when I was injured, but it is possible that I ignored a simple injury, which led to the AAFD.

I was worried about not being able to treat my case, but the doctor assured me that it is treatable and that he will do his best to treat it, even if he had to perform surgery. But he told me to keep the surgery as our final choice. Meanwhile, he gave me some medications to reduce pain and inflammation and advised me to wear an ankle brace to help relieve tendon stress. Also, he asked me to buy a walking boot that supports and heals the tendon.

And the most important tip was to have a lot of rest and avoid any high-impact activities and try to have some physical therapy to regain my feet function.

I applied all the instructions that the doctor gave to me, and now I am feeling much better, and the pain was gone. Thank you Novomed!