Blog for More Traffic


According to a recent report, while around 60% of companies have blog post, 65% of the blog owners haven’t even published in the many t years or so! You may get the benefits of blogging by providing new, relevant material and conducting basic blog post SEO.

With systems like WordPress, it is now simple to start a blog. However, once it is operational, your next major issue will be to increase the traffic on your blog post. 

Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a marketing specialist to advertise your blog. Using certain tried-and-true best practices, you can simply enhance your blog traffic and attract more readers.

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Create informative and comprehensive blogs

Good quality content is the most important bit that consumers and search engines check for. An excellent piece of content for a blog is often a complete post on a certain topic that contains all the specifics. The extensive articles are referred to as pillar articles. Others may call them “flagship material” or “cornerstone pieces.”

These are, in essence, your most significant articles. You must select the most promising term and then present as much detail as possible in a single long-form post.

  • Pillar articles are comprehensive but provides information in depth 
  • Pillar articles or blogs could be guiding articles, opinionative article, comparison articles etc. 
  • Pillar articles are less time-consuming articles, but they are rich in keywords. 

If these types of articles are kept informative, they can be very beneficial in the traffic attraction for your blog.  

Modify your photographs with keywords 

When uploading photos to your blog, add keywords in the document and complete the alternative text section with a short, keyword-rich description of the image. Also learn about, Duralast Car Battery.

Use links to refer to others in your blog

Include a link to the content you’re referencing when you reference another blog writer or article in your blog. It’s not just excellent blogging ethics, but you could even get lucky and earn a link back. Quality links are a vital asset for any website that want to rank higher in the search results pages.

Utilize SEO for your blog

SEO is a collection of best practices that will assist you in making your website more discoverable in search engine. Contrary to common opinion, anyone can handle SEO for their websites without the help of an expert. 

You should utilize a variety of SEO techniques, tools and plugins, as well as free guidance and step-by-step instructions. This way, you’ll be aware of the fundamentals and strategies for increasing the reach of your work and develop blog traffic. 

Keep linking your blogs 

To develop a good traffic on your blog, start implementing internal linking. Adding link of old articles to the new ones can enhance the traffic growth. But make sure your linked article is related to the better understanding of your new article. This is a great SEO strategy. 

Add small video clips 

It is found out through research, that video containing articles have more traffic than simple articles. It is psychologically proven that people understand better from videos as compared to written stuff. Even if we take account on recent times videos are the most successful type of content in the world of internet. 

Keywords utilization 

Once you have made up your mind about the topic, then next step is to find ways to increase traffic on your writings. Keywords are the essential tool for developing traffic on your post. 

Ways for Keywords utilization

  • Use it in headings 
  • Use it in titles 
  • Add in meta description 
  • Use in tags and subheadings 
  • Use one keyword for 5-7 times in your post 
  • If the same keyword is being used more than 7 times replace it with alternative keyword