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Professional Carpet Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Of all the furnishings in a Sunshine Coast home, carpets experience the most foot traffic. Although they are a great way to make a space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, without proper cleaning carpets can easily become dull, damaged and full of dust and harmful pollutants. 

In addition to spot cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, professional carpet cleaning is crucial to increasing it’s lifespan and keep it looking new.

Clean Carpet, Healthy Home

There is often the misconception that spot cleaning and regular vacuuming is all it takes to keep a carpet free from dirt and debris. However, this is not enough to remove the dirt and debris from deep within the carpet fibres. 

Professional carpet cleaning holds many benefits for home and business owners, such as:

  • Extends the life and colour of your carpet
  • Kills bacteria and allergens
  • Eliminates odour
  • Removes dirt, grime, and stains
  • Improves overall room hygiene

What is Steam Cleaning?

As on of the most popular carpet cleaning methods on the Sunshine Coast, steam cleaning is a perfect solution for sanitising and renewing carpets for both commercial and residential properties. Reducing the need for harsh chemicals, it is an efficient and effective cleaning method that relies on the natural powers of steam.

The pros at Killer Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control use a combination of safe cleaners and powerful steam machines to ensure your carpet is clean and stain-free! We don’t just remove dust, debris and stains – our leading steam cleaning process penetrates the carpet fibres to eliminate pollutants and allergens that affect your health.

Get Experienced Sunshine Coast Carpet Cleaning

Spilt food, pet urine and make up stains are accidents that happen to all of us. Killer Carpet take the stress and hassle out of keeping your carpet clean, with professional, experienced carpet cleaning and stain removal services. We remove even the toughest stains!

With over 40 years of combined expertise we know how to work with the various detergents and cleaning equipment and understand the necessary method to ensure no damage is done during the cleaning process.

Our mission to help our clients live happy, healthy lives. This starts with clean, dirt free carpets. We strive to put each client’s need first to provide reputable, comprehensive services.

Local Carpet Cleaning Specialists

The gorgeous Sunshine Coast doesn’t offer much escape form the heat, dust, dirt and allergens. With our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment you can rest assured that your carpet is left clean and looking as new as the day you brough it home!

With over 1,500 happy customers, our work ethic goes beyond cleaning. We have a reputation built on quality services and expert cleaning and are the gold standard for carpet cleaning across the Sunshine Coast.

For the best results, choose local professionals with the expertise and skill to effectively clean your carpet.