In today’s times, white shaker cabinets have become a steady choice, with an increasing number of people showing their interest in them. The simplicity and versatile nature of white shaker cabinets set them apart. They can go along with the design elements of almost every home, starting from conventional to modern-looking kitchens. If you want to make optimum out of your kitchen remodeling investment, then white shaker cabinets crafted from premium-grade materials are a suitable choice for you. Irrespective of whether you will want RTA white shaker cabinets or assembled cabinets, your main aim should be to find out whether the woodwork is offering you value for money. Standing for as long as 20-30 years the shaker cabinets are worth the investment.

Want to know whether white shaker cabinets are in vogue?

While bringing home white shaker cabinets you might just feel a little confused. Versatility turns out to be a question for you since you do not want the cabinets to go out of style, a few years down the line. According to designing experts, white shaker kitchen cabinets are pretty versatile. You can rather say, they are timeless. They have got simple frames and cleaner lines, which means these shaker cabinets can blend into any type of décor. Around 45% of kitchen cabinet purchases comprise white shaker kitchen cabinets, proving how popular they have become. There is a mix of styles available so that you can choose something that fits well.

What is a shaker cabinet?

The shaker cabinet is based on a cleaner frame. The design of a shaker cabinet is pretty simplistic involving the use of framed cabinet boxes which are constructed using plywood materials. The one thing that makes it different from others is the I beam. The I beam is introduced to the structure for additional support. If you go around and study any five-piece shaker cabinet, you will find the doors featuring flat-recessed panels. Plus, you will not find any kind of bevelling. The style of the door is paired with matching five drawer fronts or may be slab drawer fronts. Even though shaker kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of shades, white still continues to reign kitchen styles.

Maintaining white shaker cabinets

Meanwhile, when you decide to invest in shaker white kitchen cabinets, remember the cabinetry demands extra attention. The frame line that makes for the cabinet door front is a total grime collector. If you were not aware of this fact, by now it’s time you think over the matter. Kitchen cabinets experience splatters, spills, and drips. If you don’t clean up your white kitchen cabinet on time, there is a likelihood that the stains would ultimately settle in, affecting the looks and appeal of the cabinetry. Our experts are of the opinion, that you should keep a soaked microfiber cloth handy so that every time there is a spill or splash, you can immediately attend to it. Whether it is white shaker cabinets or antique white kitchen cabinets, you should give undivided attention to the woodcrafts.

A few design ideas for white shaker kitchen cabinets

Now, that you are about to purchase white shaker kitchen cabinets we have a few design ideas for you. check them out.

Cleaner lines

Supposedly you have to fit the shaker kitchen cabinets into a modern kitchen, pair the cabinets with stainless steel appliances and counters, nickel hardware and glass fronts; we are sure this idea will invite more beauty and light into space.

Traditional features

How about a kitchen which looks a bit old or the fact that you want this space to look a little dated? Sometimes the shaker kitchen cabinets are a great choice for a traditional-looking kitchen with traditional wooden beams dark colored hardware and dark wood flooring to strike a contrast with the pristine white cabinetry.

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