Social media has too much impact on our lives. We post our life stories, share views, and then love to have views and likes. Some people post very interesting stories that everyone likes and wants to copy them. Instagram and some other social media platforms don’t allow us to save these stories. So we have to personally text them and ask them to share their story. Check the story viewers to watch Instagram stories and save them.

Social media benefits

Social media has both its pros and cons. People who waste too much time on social media by just browsing and scrolling down are unaware of the benefits of social media. You can enjoy the following benefits on social media platforms like:

  • Entertain yourself in your free time
  • Keep yourself up to date about different events happening in the world
  • Get opportunities to earn
  • Know about interesting stories of others

Many other interesting things are also available on Instagram which is the best social media platform.

Pictures on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms but it has strict policies. Its strict privacy policies are also helpful for users who don’t want to share their life with everyone. So other people can’t see the stories and can’t save the pictures. But now you can view stories on Instagram and can save them with a perfect tool Pikdoo.

Pikdoo; the interesting tool

Pikdoo is an interesting tool which offers you to save Instagram stories and share them with your friends. You can view stories and save them, different stories and pictures related to:

  • Birthday events
  • Special days
  • Interesting stuff
  • Love and care
  • Many more

Now you can enjoy different stories and pictures just by visiting Pikdoo. if you want to know about more details then you can visit our site.