For many homeowners, interior design tastes can change over the years. When you first move in, the design and décor may not even be high on your list of priorities but over time your tastes become more refined, you learn what you do and don’t like, and you may start thinking about a makeover. If you are desperate to give your home a more elegant vibe to better suit your tastes, here are some tips that you can use.

A Massive Declutter Should be Step One

Before you can even think about creating a more grown-up and elegant vibe in your home, you will need to address the clutter. You aren’t alone; everyone has at least a bit of clutter, but the fact is that it takes away from any design plan or concept. The mantra of “everything has a place” should be what you cling to as you sort through all your belongings room by room.

Ensure Storage Is Included in Your Design Plan

Even after a big declutter, you’re still going to have a lot of stuff and it needs proper storage. Storage doesn’t have to take the traditional form; instead, you can get creative and look for pieces that add a sense of style and interest to the room. Multi-functional pieces are also a wonderful addition.

Choose a New Colour Palette – Get Maximum Impact

If you want maximum impact but don’t necessarily want to replace everything in your home,choosing a new paint colour will have a profound effect on the space. It will change the look of flooring, furniture, built-ins, hardware, etc.

A grown-up colour palette can mean different things to different people, but some colours tend to feel more elegant and sophisticated in the home. These paint colours include:

  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • White
  • Cool blue
  • Pale pink
  • Sheer lavender

To add interest to the space, you can always go up or down a shade on the paint chip to add depth or lightness to the room. Because you aren’t changing the undertone, just the depth, there will still be flow from room to room.

Don’t Make Guesses – Instead, Hire a Professional Designer

While the tips mentioned above can certainly help, not everyone has the time or the creative eye to try them. Rather than make design guesses and hope it all works out, a smarter plan can be to hire a professional luxury interior designer, London-based.

A luxury designer specialises in sophisticated and elevated spaces, which means you don’t have to try to explain your vision to them. Instead, they will come to the table with experience, know-how, ideas, thoughts, samples and tips that you can use to achieve the ultimate space. When you hire a designer, you also know that you’re taking that stress off your shoulders and that the project will be done promptly.

Giving your home a more elegant vibe can be as involved as you like so that you can enjoy transformational results.