Discuss shipping a newly purchased car with any reputable auto shipping business. These businesses can typically bring your new car right to your front door whether you bought it from a dealership or any private seller out of state.

Choose between open and enclosed transport, and also compare a few prices, then work with the dealer or seller to make arrangements. With the appropriate vehicle transport business, this won’t be a concern because car shipping is a practical and secure solution.

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The following are a few steps that you need to take.

1.      Gather multiple quotes

Talk to a couple of reputable businesses that are involved in this industry. On their website, the top vehicle transport businesses ought to offer cost-free, no-obligation shipping quotations. To obtain a quote, you must first provide some basic information, such as:

  • Car make and model
  • Distance
  • Preferred shipping dates
  • Running condition
  • Service type

2.      Select a suitable auto transport company

Finding an auto shipping firm that can deliver your automobile securely without overcharging you is your first step. Though it is possible that no two businesses are exactly alike. You should research them all and obtain numerous car shipping rates because some of them provide distinctive services.

3.      Choose your option of transporting

Every transporter will offer you several options for transporting your car. Based on your choice you can select any of the following:

  • Enclosed transportation
  • Open transportation
  • Delivery and pickup location choice.

4.      Coordinate with your dealer

After finalizing your transport company, you need to inform your dealer and coordinate with your dealer so that he can call your transporter when the dealer is ready to send the car.

5.      Decide where you want to receive your car

A few transporters will offer you an option for pickup and delivery service by charging extra. Otherwise, you also have a choice to visit the depot of the transporter and collect it, if you want to save that amount.

6.      Check your bill of lading

They will ask the auto dealer to sign a bill of lading as the driver arrives. If something goes wrong, you won’t be legally protected without a bill of lading.

The “auto transport company” a driver works for is definitely a fraud if they do not request a bill of lading signature from the person handing off the car.

Before signing, ask the vendor to give you a call to confirm everything on the invoice is correct.

Ask the dealer to sign the bill of lading and deliver the automobile to the delivery driver if all of it is genuine. After that, the driver will load the vehicle onto the truck and leave.

For your records, you should also request that the dealer fax a copy of this bill of lading or email it to you.

You must remain in regular touch with your car transporter to know its current location after it has moved from the dealer location.