Our bodies can cleanse themselves from time to time, but in addition to this, they also give us signals when additional help is required. As soon as toxins enter your body, your immune system, kidneys, and liver work together to remove them. When the body’s ability to remove these toxins is exceeded, they are kept inside us for long periods until we take action.

A toxin is a hazardous foreign substance that enters the body. It can be stored in the body for years without displaying any evidence of being there if the immune system does not clear it. Only until toxin levels rise to the point that the body can no longer cope with them do you begin to experience symptoms, suggesting the necessity for detoxifying.

Following are the signs your body shows when it needs detoxification-

1. Increase in body weight

Have you observed a constant gain in your weight despite your calorie counting and exercise efforts? A toxic overload may be at fault. A large number of toxins are lipophilic, meaning they are stored in body fat. Pesticides and dioxins in lipophilic poisons cause the body to make more fat cells to keep more toxins.

2. Fatigueness

Do you get enough sleep yet? Are you always tired? This could be due to a toxic overload. Your adrenal glands are put under a lot of stress when you have many toxins in your body. Adrenal exhaustion, which makes you tired and sleepy, can be caused by a long-term toxic load. Additionally, some poisons, such as caffeine, can negatively impact adrenal function by causing your body to stay alert while trying to flush out toxins.

3. Thinking impairment

Toxins have direct effects on the brain. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame are examples. If you find yourself drifting off during the day for no apparent cause, you may be suffering from elevated toxification. Both aspartame and MSG can destroy brain cells and hinder the brain from oxidizing.

4. Body Odour 

If you have poor breath, smelly gas, or stools regularly, it could indicate that your liver and colon are trying to clear a toxic burden. If you’re bloated for lengthy periods, don’t feel hungry, and have a persistent unpleasant body odor, you should aid your body flush out the toxins.

5. Skin issues

The liver is in charge of eliminating the majority of toxins from the body. When the liver can’t keep up with the number of toxins in the body, other organs try to drain them out through the skin. When the skin attempts to expel toxins from the body, it has an adverse reaction because it interprets them as poison. Acne boils or rashes are all symptoms of this.

6. Bad headache

If you’re continually getting headaches for no apparent reason, your toxin levels may be higher than they should be. Toxins that influence the brain, such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate, might induce persistent headaches after consuming meals that contain them, as we previously mentioned.
If you think your body is full of toxins and you’re experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, you should detox your body to get them out. A healthy diet rich in antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits can significantly benefit your body and health. Keep hydrated and do some exercise daily. In addition to this, getting in touch with the health experts at The Wellness Way can be of great help as they will help you restore your health, detox your body and maintain your health the right way!