Music is one of the purest forms of art that drives the listener away to another world of thoughts. Whether you are a classical music fan or love the new pop music, you must be aware of the importance of music in your life as it also helps you in staying calm, composed, and relaxed. 

Well, many musicians have left a huge impact on the music world but when it comes to completely transforming music then the only name that pops up in the mind of most people is Ludwig van Beethoven. 

Even if you have never heard a single piano piece in your entire life, still you must have heard about Ludwig van Beethoven. So, let’s see how this legend changed the music industry forever. 

Changed the meaning of the symphony 

Symphony in the current era means the best of the music composers. It is considered as the ultimate test of a composer’s command over their art and it is also a supreme output of their creativity. 

Whenever you sit down to listen to any type of symphony, you always expect it to have complicated chord progression, long and sensational. But before Beethoven, symphony didn’t mean such an elaborate and exceptional work. 

It was the No. 3 (Eroica) by Beethoven that completely changed the meaning of symphony and helped us explore the ultimate potential of a symphony. In addition to this, it was Beethoven who pushed the boundaries of this form of music instead of staying in his comfort zone. 

Parted the gap between romantic era and classical

Another important role that Beethoven played was to bridge the gap between classical and romantic eras. Many legends before Beethoven were put in the category of legends because they mastered their respective style and they mostly built on the foundation of what came before. This helped such composers to reach a new level of music composition. 

But Beethoven is one of those few musicians who were on the cutting edge of music.  Ludwig van Beethoven didn’t only show the potential of classical music but also formed a new era of music that was later called the romantic era. 

When Ludwig van Beethoven came into the romantic era, there were only a few music composers who wanted to write pure classical pieces. So, we can say that it was Beethoven who created a whole new era in music and gave the future musicians a new field to experiment with. This is what makes Beethoven the godfather of music. 

A completely new approach to music composition 

Before Beethoven, romanticism was only a literary movement and it was Beethoven who took this idea and then used it for writing a completely new type of music. All the romantic artists used to express their authentic sleeves and they used to express the human emotion in its true form. 

Before Beethoven, classical composers usually relied on what was called form. It was a type of musical structure and most classical musicians were bound to this structure. This is the main reason why the audience knew the way a classical musician is going to express their thoughts. 

But Beethoven broke all these rules of musical structure as he believed true music should come out from the soul and should never be bound to any type of musical structure. 

Upon searching, you may find a long list of music legends who have contributed to the music industry on a big level but none of those musicians can match what Beethoven gave to the world through his music. He didn’t only offer some of the best compositions but he changed the music industry forever.