While choosing between the high-security door locks or to change locks in Dubai, it is a must to know which brands are worth considering. For Ensuring that there are worthwhile protections for the locks, it is mandatory to consider some of the important points.

Characteristics of high-security locks:

  1. Lock cylinder complexity: All locks can be picked, but you do not want anyone who tries to eventually open it. A complex lock cylinder can help you guard your house a little better.
  2. Metal content: How enduring a lock depends severely on the quantity of metal it uses in its composition. Since a part of the door desires to be detached so that the door lock can be connected. This needs holes to be bored and cross-bored, leaving the door weak around the lock ironware.
  3. Drill protection: There are two key points that you want your high-security door locks to guard against drills. These are the set bolts and the shear line. Both of these parts can be endangered with toughened steel ball-bearings. Occasionally there will be anti-drill plates that alternate to protect from someone drilling the shear line, but these are the points that need to be taken care of.
  4. Key control: You do not want anyone with limited access to your property to be able to copy a key destitute of your knowledge. The best you can do is invest in high-security door locks that have untested keyways. This makes the admittance to key blanks much more restricted.
  5. Of course, you will still need to know the proper way to hide your spare keys so that you do not lose them in need. But besides that, there are ways around receiving patented key blanks and ways to cut them without the approval of the lock’s owner.
  6. Bypass Resistance: Even many of the best high-security door locks can be evaded with certain additions to the locks. And apparently, high-security locks can have bypasses exposed and end up only providing the deception of security

Bypasses are not the same alternative or bumping a lock. They are simpler entry approaches, and they bypass the lock cylinder’s difficulty in favour of manipulating some other type of weakness. Be sure to look up if the high-security lock you are seeing has a bypass. Some older goods from even the best brands have exploits those fresher repetitions have solved. Other brands have presented weaknesses by apprising the lock and making an issue while only trying to hold onto a patent.


So above are the mentioned points that are to be taken care of while choosing a brand for the door locks. These points can help you get defined security according to your needs. Pricing is also a major factor that holds priority in choosing the brand. If you are not yet sure of your security, you should go for a Door Lock Change