Hair Extension Packaging

The Hair Extension Boxes hold extensions that many people use these days. Growing natural hair long has always been a difficult task. That is why people prefer to use these extensions instead. You can use these extensions and make your hair look thick and stunning. Learn the tips through which you can effectively use these hair extensions. 

01. Cut The Extensions As Per Your Haircut:

There are different sizes of Hair Packaging Boxes. Some may contain longer extensions than others. It is always best to get these extensions in longer sizes. This way, if your hairstyle demands a smaller size of extensions, then you can simply cut it accordingly.

This is a very beneficial aspect that provides advantages of hair extension packaging. To make your hair look natural with such extensions, then you need to place them accurately. After that, let the professional stylist cut it according to your hairstyle. This way, natural and unnatural hair will mix thoroughly and gives out a very natural look. 

Hair Extension Packaging

02. After Placing Extensions, Brush Your Hair:

After securing the wefts into your hair, you need to give them a good brushing. This never means that you need to brush your hair hardly. That will lose the clips and make the extensions fall. But what you need to do is to thoroughly brush it with special brushes.

Normal brushing helps in pulling the hair. In contrast, there are special brushes available. These brushes have nylon loops that help in the gentle yet thorough brushing. They do not cause damage or pull-out hair. This brushing helps in mixing the hair generally and helps in displaying a very natural image of hair. 

03. Place Them at the Right Angle:

People have different kinds of haircuts. Some have small straight-length hair, while others have a layering of haircut. So, every kind of hair has its own requirement when it comes to the clipping of these wefts. Considering the type of hair, secure these extensions. They must be placed at the right angle, or else it would be weird. Securing them in the right positions makes them look natural. At the same time, the wrong placements of these extensions tell the world that you carry fake hair on your head. 

Hair Extension Boxes

04. Do Not Cutt Your Hair Extensively:

Some people like to have dead straight hair. Well, that cannot happen in this case. The extensions that come in Custom Hair Extension boxes look much prominent in straight hair. Straightening helps in separating all the strands of fashioning hair from one another. This way, people can easily identify if someone is wearing the extensions. So, avoid excessive straightening and give your hair extensions a more natural look. 

05. Backcomb Hair Before Applying For Extensions:

Backcombing is one of the best tricks that can save your life. Take out a section of hair where you want to place the weft. Then you need to give it a tease with the help of a fine bristles brush. Repeat the teasing process two three-time so that you can easily secure it on the place. The backcombing allows clips to get easily secured. On the other hand, fine hair will not give that support. After some time, the fine and flat hair causes the clips to lose and extensions to drop. Dropping wefts definitely look unnatural and bad.

Hair Extension Packaging USA

06. Loosely Curl Your Hair To Hide Extensions:

You can do styling with extensions that come in Packaging for Hair Extensions. This means that you can style them in any way you want. This is the perfect way of hiding the extensions. You can use a curling iron to give loose curls to your hair. Or you can wave your hair with curling rods, etc. These styles give a more volume yet a natural look to the hair. 

07. Avoid Using Serums And Oils:

When you have an extension on your hair the avoid putting any kind of serum or oil. This thing increases the risk of showing the clips and wefts to the world. The oil makes the hair stick together. This way, people can easily see the clips of extensions on the head. It also looks very bad. So, for the sake of your hairstyle, do not put oil. Also, use a limited amount of serum or hair shinning if it is necessary. 

08. Clip The Extensions Together:

The Printed Hair Extension Boxes often mention tips. Clip the extension together to achieve more volume of the hair. A single weft may show the empty spaces but doubling it creates a more voluminous look. Also, do not make a mistake in using a limited number of extensions just on your head. Cover your whole head with single or multiple layers from retail packaging extensions when necessary. 

These techniques are effective and useful to make your hair extension look real. They make hair look stunning. After using such extensions, make sure to detach them out of the hair and pack them in hair extension boxes. This will make sure to provide protection to the extensions until the next time you use them.