Are you aware that an Apple certification exists? If not, no problem. However, most of the population is not aware of this fact, and those aware feel it is a total waste of precious time and money. One of the reasons that the certification may not be popular is that Apple products are owned by fewer users across the globe than Microsoft windows. However, one should not subscribe to the fact that it is a waste of time. This is not true at all. Let’s understand why by reading the information listed below.

Application Certifications

The Apple certification paths are of two kinds. One is tilted towards application and the other towards support or troubleshooting. Based on your career, you can decide which certification applies to you and choose accordingly.

There are two levels in Apple Creative professional certification – Apple Certified Associate and Apple Certified Pro.

Apple Certified Associate: Under this certification, one can acquire entry-level skills in any particular application. Associate examinations can be taken from home or office. This certification is great for students. Once certified, it will present students with a cutting edge over others during tests or interviews. Students need to clear an iWork exam for this certification.

Pro Applications Certifications

Apple Certified Pro – Level One: This certification exhibits an Apple application’s essential knowledge of operations. One can take a level one exam at the end of the certification.

Apple Certified Pro – Level Two: This certification provides more in-depth learning of advanced features of applications. One can appear for a level two examination only after completing level one.

Technology Certifications

For all the computer nerds and geeks, Apple provides appropriate titles based on the certification obtained.

One can choose from three Mac OS X certifications which are:

1. Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP): This certification deals with Mac OS X clients but does not include Mac OS X servers. It is an entry-level Apple course and is ideal for individuals who make a career in support.

2. Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC): Mac OS X server support is covered under this certification. It is ideal for system administrators at an entry-level.

3. Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA): If one is looking to work under a complex work scenario as high-end Mac system administrators, this certification can be ideal. Previous working experience with Mac networks is preferred for this certification.

Those into hardware and storage also have the privilege to get certified. For example, a person can get certified as Xsan Administrator and an Apple Certified Media Administrator (ACMA) on the storage front. ACMA is a more in-depth certification that covers architecture and networking duties.

On the hardware arena, one can go for the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) Certification. If you are into fixing and repairing machines, this is an excellent Apple training that can be undertaken.

The big question: Is it worth the money?

Apple certifications are beneficial and are industry-recognized accreditations. Having the accreditation on your CV increases the odds of you getting the job. Additionally, very few people are Apple certified. As per economics, this automatically increases the demand for the candidate at various jobs.

When clients see that you are Apple certified on the business front, it marks them, and they may sign up with you faster.

An Apple-certified professional can increase his capability of earning money. Therefore, the salary packages for Apple-certified candidates will be higher.

It is safe to assume that Apple certifications are valuable, and if they increase your job prospects, then without a doubt, they are worth every penny spent.

Apple products and their certification have been in the market for several years. However, they may have gone unnoticed as this niche segment of Apple users is restricted in numbers. Apple certifications seek to impart a distinguished technical level of proficiency among those who work with Apple or Mac technologies. If you consider working in advertising, visual graphics, production, and so on, these certifications are advantageous.

There is excellent value in Apple certifications, especially if you are a fan of Apple products and seek to make a career. Institutes like Koenig are well-recognized institutions that offer Apple Certifications along with other certifications.