Today we are going to introduce a tool that will help you manage your inventory of online business as well as an offline business, in one Platform. is a startup, offering an eCommerce software platform that enables a business to start, manage and run online as well as an offline business both in one platform.

The eCommerce platform provides combined Inventory Management, for your online website, your offline stores as well as your Amazon stores. This will make your business activities incredibly easy and lots of time-saving. Combined Inventory management will also allow the business to timely procurements and avoid the out of stock incidents.

iBhop`s eCommerce Platform also offers a free eCommerce site builder, with lots of free themes for every business from fashion, electronics, software to individual professional services. Starting an online business with the platform is very simple, time-saving and it’s also doesn’t requires any technical knowledge of eCommerce or hosting, etc. as iBhop provides all-in-one solutions from building, hosting, and all the technical maintenance in a small package. 

Now come to the pricing, (as businesses are always concerned with the expenditure), amazingly this comes with a nominal starting package of $2 per month, less than your kid’s daily pocket money. 

 This cloud-based software is easy to build and manage, AffordableFlexibility of business operation, and also provides Scalability to grow your business.

As information provided by the company, they are planning to launch:

1.    A Free android app for your customers on a monthly fee basis, no upfront building 

2. An android app for your business, enabling you to run a business from anywhere.

So, you can start your business with iBhop, as it is free to try and Please post your experience with the Ibhop eCommerce Platform, as a comment to this post.