Maintenance of infrastructure and equipment at your office or any workplace is essential. Without proper maintenance practices, the things around you will begin to degrade and lose efficiency. This is why managing and adhering to your maintenance schedule is critical. 

Today, we live in a world where everything is digitized or computerized. Manually managing and maintaining your maintenance schedule on paper can become a cumbersome process. Hence, a change to the management process is necessary. 

This is where CMMS comes into the picture. What is CMMS, and how can it help you? Let’s find out!

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. As the name suggests, CMMS helps you manage, organize, and track the ABCs of your business’s maintenance processes. The system integrates the power of technology into the maintenance management of your business. 

In conventional maintenance management, you would have to enter or write the entire schedule on paper. This schedule would include a few details like,

  • The equipment that requires maintenance
  • The date and time of the scheduled maintenance job
  • The assigned technician for the job 

Creating and scheduling tasks for each piece of equipment like this every single time can get heavily paper-intensive. Even if you eliminate the paper approach and move to spreadsheets, it would still be slightly tough to manage and track new jobs. Furthermore, letting the technicians know about the scheduled maintenance job adds another headache to your plate. 

Doing the same activities with CMMS software eliminates any paper usage, reduces your workload, and drastically saves your time.

The Working of CMMS Software 

CMMS software is specifically designed to streamline the management of maintenance processes in your company. As the process is computerized, you enter all the data on your computer.  This allows your team to have a record of all equipment and asset history in the cloud.

The CMMS software gives you access to a calendar wherein you can easily schedule a maintenance task and assign it to a technician. This will help improve maintenance operations and inventory management with your organization.

You can also add repetition or occurrence to the job to automatically assign the task in regular periodic intervals. This feature makes it easy for you to set up preventative maintenance in your business. 

Since preventive maintenance involves regular checks of all equipment, it eliminates sudden or unexpected problems with your machinery. By not following the reactive maintenance approach, you can significantly reduce your operational and maintenance costs. Preventive maintenance will also help reduce downtime and production bottlenecks as your maintenance should reduce the mean time between failures.

Facilities management and maintenance managers can track regulatory compliance with automation tools like CMMS maintenance software. It is important to understand your maintenance needs before evaluating a computerized maintenance management software. Ease of use accessing things like spare parts and maintenance history are essential CMMS data points to look for.

 Whether you work in a healthcare setting or with other maintenance professionals, it is important to track preventive maintenance tasks and maintenance work. Software solutions like SaaS can help track assets, warranties, purchase orders, work requests and more.

Benefits of Using CMMS

Apart from reducing your workload and saving your time, here are a few benefits of using computerized maintenance management system software in your business.

1. Accessibility 

The data you enter on your computer or mobile app can easily be accessed on other devices like mobile devices, tablets, etc., by all the members of your company.  This is critical for your team to meet KPIs and access important real-time data.

2. Work Order Management on One Platform

You have all the information about maintenance jobs and technician duties on one platform with CMMS systems. Apart from this, it also allows you to keep track of your inventory. This way, you can order items and parts that you need for maintenance and are low in quantity.

3. Enhanced Visibility and Adaptability 

With all the information in a single user-friendly software, CMMS solutions enhance the visibility of even the smallest of details. Furthermore, CMMS is also adaptable as you can easily add, remove, and update the maintenance schedule and workflows for your maintenance team.

4. Enterprise Asset Management Analytics 

Another massive advantage of CMMS software is that it offers high-end analytics and actionable insights that you can leverage to make better and more informed decisions on your maintenance processes. EAM tracking asset performance metrics, maintenance activities and asset lifecycle are much simpler to automate with a maintenance program offering the right functionality.


CMMS has become a total life-saver for all companies, from SME businesses to top firms. Statistics also show that 78% of companies who use CMMS to manage their assets witness improvements in equipment life. Be sure to look for a tool with the CMMS features your team needs – including predictive maintenance, ability to track work orders, and uptime asset tracking. Leverage the power of CMMS and reduce your equipment downtime today!