When applying for a personal loan, borrowers hope to get the lowest possible interest rate, of course. Many loan holders would even take the opportunity to refinance if the slightest decrease were to appear. Find a guide for interest rates at https://smartasset.com/investing/the-smartasset-guide-to-interest-rates/.

That’s because, over time, that slight difference can equate to a significant saving allowing loans to be paid off faster. The quicker you pay off a loan, the more trust you garner from the lending community, leading not only to a more prominent reputation in that sector but a credit score to match. 

On-time consistent payments and the early payoff will raise your score, putting you in a better position than previously – if you already had a good rating, perhaps now you’ll deem excellent.

An average interest rate on a personal loan is in the single digits, but that doesn’t mean you’ll qualify for these rates. 

Some variables go into deciding on the interest rate for each forbukslan (consumer loan) application. There are things borrowers can do to “score” better rates allowing savings while making repayment on the consumer loan. 

Let’s check out how you can improve the likelihood of receiving a better interest rate for your consumer loan.

How Can You Improve The Likelihood Of Receiving A Better Rate On Your Consumer Loan

When applying for a personal or consumer loan, the priority is to shop for the lowest possible interest rate. No one wants an expensive loan or one with many conditions attached. 

The lesser the interest rate, the more money you save over the life of the loan, and the greater the opportunity for you to pay the loan off faster if that’s your choice. But not everyone qualifies for the single-digit interest rates that the average personal loan offers. 

How can you make yourself more appealing as a borrower to get the lower rates? Let’s learn together.

  • Shop your loan

You might receive many offers via email or phone calls soliciting loan offers that you’re “pre-approved” for; maybe you’ve even inquired with a credit union, traditional bank, or online provider to learn your options. These are all good jumping-off points before committing to an application. 

It’s not wise to take the first offer; hold it, of course, to consider with the few others when you narrow down your choices, but the first is not always the most perfect. The point for shopping is to compare rates, terms, and conditions plus fees varied lenders require. 

Some providers will allow prequalifying with only a “soft” credit pull, something that doesn’t impact credit ratings. It’s crucial when inquiring with lenders to let them know your thought process, specifically including your desired rate, especially if you have a competitive rate offer. 

While you should compare multiple lenders, you don’t want to become overwhelmed. The suggestion is to stick with roughly three to keep it manageable.

  • Selecting a cosigner

Some lending agencies will take cosigners on applications. A cosigner is someone with excellent credit and good income signing on a personal or consumer loan with an individual who has less than perfect credit to help with the chances of receiving a better interest rate upon approval. 

The cosigner is basically guaranteeing the funds meaning if the borrower defaults, the cosigner will then be held responsible for repayment. It is crucial whomever you partner within this capacity understands the full responsibility that comes with signing as a cosigner. 

Not only will they be as responsible, but the loan will show up on their credit and could potentially affect their borrowing power down the road. With full disclosure and acceptance on the part of the cosigner, you could save substantial money in interest savings using this method.

  • Register for “autopay” for your loan payments

When submitting an application for a personal or consumer loan, some lending institutions will apply a “rate discount” if you register for “autopay,” a service where your monthly repayment installments are automatically withdrawn from your banking account. 

The thought process is that those who register for the automatic service will be more prone to repay their invoices on time since the lender will be withdrawing the funds directly.

While the discount might seem a slight amount, the savings can add up over time. When shopping, lenders inquire if this is part of their program. The priority with this incentive is always to make sure the account has an adequate repayment amount when the lender is ready to withdraw. 

Without the money in place, the provider will need to charge a “returned payment” fee if you have not had the account protected for overdrafts.

  • Fees

The APR for consumer loans is inclusive of most of the lender’s varied fees, like a primary charge referenced as the “origination fee.” The amount for this charge is based on the lender. It can range as high as 8 percent of the sum of the loan and will be deducted from that sum before you obtain your funds. 

Some lenders don’t require the origination fee with their personal loans. It’s wise to check before applying. If you don’t qualify with one of these providers, try to find one that offers the least possible amount. 

Also, for those who don’t charge the fee, pay attention to the APR. Some lenders might make up the missing fee with a higher rate. Click here for details on how rate changes can affect your money.

Final Thought

The average interest rate for a personal or consumer loan is in the single digits, but that doesn’t mean that every borrower will fall within the criteria to qualify for these. You shouldn’t give up and settle for the higher end of the scale, either. 

There are options meant to help you get a little closer to the averages. It takes a bit more effort and possibly a cosigner if you have trouble making it on your own. 

The key is research. Unless you’re in a rush to get the funds, take your time to research varied lenders and try to find providers that will allow pre-approval. The more time and energy you put into the process, the better savings you’ll achieve.