Whisper CRM

Customer Relationship Management,” but that doesn’t say much about what CRM performs for a company. This CRM description is too limited to convey all of the systems performs when it is functioning properly and is user-friendly enough to develop and evolve as a customer-client relationship evolves and expands.

CRM, in a larger sense, includes not just customer relationship management but also how CRM is managed and the most significant aspects of a CRM program that are critical to its success.

A business’s success is determined by the type of relationship it has with its clients. Customer relationship management is one of the most important tasks of any organization since it is the main element. A firm that does not have a well-structured selling process generally suffers significant financial losses. This is mostly due to its failure to capitalize on the sales force’s leads. This is not to say that a firm using CRM does not suffer losses.

Small business CRM helps you to keep in touch with your company even while you are traveling or vacationing overseas. With a 24-hour connection, you can manage your company activities with the touch of a mouse.

Whisper CRM

Whisper puts the control in the hands of small enterprises. Whisper is available for immediate use. CRM features that are both simple and powerful are available with your free WhatsApp business account.

Features of Whisper CRM

WhatsApp CRM for small and medium-sized business

l All WhatsApp saved contacts, broadcast lists, and any contact discovered in WhatsApp conversation are automatically imported.

l Simple transfer from your existing WhatsApp workplace to the rich Wisper workplace

l With automation, you may save time while increasing the potential of your organization.

WhatsApp automation tool

l Whisper gives WhatsApp the potential of automated campaigns.

l Control your interaction with thousands and thousands of consumers using WhatsApp.

l In WhatsApp conversations, welcome marketing is integrated with the automated lookup of new customers.

l Complete freedom in the development of broadcast campaigns.

Rich communications and customer insights

Virtual business cards

l A full-featured personal webpage that allows customers to quickly access your contacts and social media profiles.

l Feedback from customers form; get all customer input in a Whisper report.

l The interactions of customers with the Virtual Business card are recorded.

l Just the URL link is given to the consumer when using a cloud-based service.

Digital Catalogs

l While regular picture or PDF-based catalogs can be shared as attachments to any WhatsApp message, Whisper introduces the notion of digital catalogs.

l It is simple to create from several pictures.

l Whisper records and reports on customer interactions with the digital catalog.

l Only the URL link is given to the consumer when using a cloud-based service.

Appointment setting and Resource reservation

l Ideal for a number of different business profiles

l Sync your calendar with Google Calendar.

Whisper CRM is unique

Whisper CRM will be a one-of-a-kind technology in its own way. Whisper will offer unparalleled automation capabilities for importing from WhatsApp and automating WhatsApp massages in planned promotions.

Whisper CRM makes your WhatsApp communication smart

Whisper will add virtual business cards, digital catalogs, appointments and resource reservations, and consumer insights to WhatsApp chats.

For more information visit WhatsApp Automation Tool.

Small and Free business SMS replacement

Whisper provides all of the features needed to entirely redirect your company SMS traffic to your free WhatsApp Business Account.