The Cabildo on the left, St Louis Cathedral on the background.

We all know that France has a very rich historical and artistic heritage. What we know less is that this heritage also includes an important dimension concerning clairvoyance and divinatory arts.

Mademoiselle Lenormand, Marcelle Belline, Nostradamus, Madame Soleil… these are only a few names among many others. All have however as common point this same country which is France (the majority being found one day or the other in Paris).

Two of the most widely used fortune-telling decks in the world are also French.

These are the well-known Tarot de Marseille and the venerable Oracle de Belline. Because of the almost universal symbolism of their images (with a strong Catholic influence), they can be understood easily, almost instinctively and proposes a complete tutorial for them.

Indeed, the symbolic dimension of a fortunetelling game is often very important. Thus, to use them correctly, it is advisable to know the cards precisely, in order to understand their meaning and message, which helps to avoid many misinterpretations. Colors and details are often important. It is more or less accepted that each individual practicing card drawing should find a deck that really “speaks” to them. Some may prefer a very colorful deck such as the Triad Oracle, while others may prefer a more clean and modern imagery, such as the Manuscript Oracle.

There is a sort of saying that it is not the seer who chooses his tarot, but the tarot who chooses his seer. There is undoubtedly some truth in this. For how can we explain that pieces of cardboard, a priori inanimate, can answer questions that we ask them?

Fortunetelling includes more

In the same way, we can extend this question to astrology and the study of the planets. It is admitted, according to this practice, that the planets carry a real and concrete influence throughout our lives. Whether we are born under the gaze of Mars or Jupiter, our life will be changed from the beginning.

Astrology is the best known and most accepted esoteric practice. Indeed, no particular gift is needed to practice it. It is a practice that can be learned with good textbooks, like mathematics or botany. This “down to earth” aspect is reassuring. On the other hand, the small paragraphs dedicated to the signs of the zodiac that can be found in every weekly newspaper do not do justice to astrology; but ask a professional to establish a complete astral chart for you, and without even having seen you, she will be able to determine an impressive amount of accurate information about your personality, your background and your path. Good results, when repeated, cannot be the simple fruit of chance.

In conclusion

As you can see, clairvoyance and the use of cards raises many questions. To start practicing clairvoyance is to open a door, a door full of mystery and surprises, which science is still perfectly incapable of explaining today. It is, in a way, reconnecting with the magic of childhood, it is accepting that not everything can be explained rationally.

And yet… practice clairvoyance yourself; you might be surprised by the results you will obtain.