Portrait of aged senior female consulting with doctor. Therapeutic in medical gown advising cannabinoid oil to patient. Practitioner holding bottle with cannabis leaf sign

When it comes to over-the-counter medicines, we have come very far in terms of advancement, application, and reliability. But still, over-the-counter medicines come along with a long list of side effects that can never be overlooked, especially when consumed for a long term. Because of such drawbacks, people are now flocking to more natural remedies like CBD, and it is slowly becoming a universal healer for a wide array of ailments. 

CBD is simply one of the very molecules unique to the cannabis plant, and products like CBD oil contain a low level of THC, which is responsible for getting you high. This is one of the main reasons why CBD oil reviews are always positive. 

So, let’s discuss which ailments can be treated with CBD oil so that you can understand the effectiveness of CBD in a more detailed way. 


One of the first CBD-based medicines approved by the FDA was Epidiolex. People dealing with seizures because of conditions like Lennox-Gastrault or Dravet syndrome are usually recommended to use Epidiolex.

CBD works in the case of seizures by influencing the receptors that are responsible for seizures called transient receptor potential vanilloid. But the best part about treating seizures with CBD oil is it can be used for even children, infants, and teenagers. So, the next time you see good CBD oil reviews, be sure that it has helped someone treat some kind of ailment. 

Inflammation and pain 

The use of CBD has been related to reducing different kinds of pain as well. Many studies have been conducted regarding the use of CBD to reduce pain and inflammation, and most of those studies have shown positive results. 

But since all these studies have been conducted on a low level with a limited number of participants, we still need more studies to prove the magical effect of CBD-based products in case of pain and inflammation. However, there are no side effects of CBD-based products, and therefore, there is nothing wrong with using them for pain and inflammation. 

Anxiety and depression 

In case of anxiety and depression, CBD can work like a magic wand since CBD-based products are very effective against brain-related disorders. Many people have come out of the void of anxiety and depression by using just CBD-based products. 

Although the exact reason behind the effectiveness of CBD in case of anxiety and depression hasn’t been found, according to experts, it is the serotonin receptors that play a crucial role in making CBD the best healer for depression and anxiety. So, get in touch with your doctor and start including CBD products in your diet. 

Treatment for addiction 

There is a particular area of the brain that is responsible for addiction, and it is known as the amygdala. CBD helps people struggling with addiction by directly targeting the amygdala and slowing down its active phase. 

It is usually the exposure to a particular cue that makes people succumb to a specific type of drug, and CBD works by minimizing those cravings during the cue. It doesn’t matter whether a person is addicted to heroin or any other type of dangerous drug, CBD can always prove to be helpful, and this might be the reason why there are so many positive CBD oil reviews. 

CBD might not be a new kid on the block, but the growing awareness about this natural healer has made it a star when it comes to treating various kinds of ailments. Different people use CBD products for different reasons but if you are dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, start consuming CBD products without worrying about side effects.