Stage Lighting

The beauty of the stage is incomplete without the use of effective lighting. The lights have a great impact on the mood of the audience. It creates spell and the audience feel emotions according to changes in light. This spell won’t let the audience think about something else. To have this magical effect it is important to understand the basics of lights. In this discussion, we will get to know how to make the stage attractive with the help of lights. Sometimes this aspect gets overlooked but it is the thing that defines each performance and speech.

By using the services of a Stage Lighting Hire you can get this done within few bucks. This makes you able to create a long-lasting experience. The audience will feel difficulty in forgetting that experience. Lighting instruments can be as creative as you can think of. This creative side is due to the development of lighting instruments. The lighting designer makes each piece of equipment available for the final outlook. In this article, we will try to understand light designing as much as we can.

For something you need to necessarily cover the following areas of stage:

  • Right corner, centre, and left corner of the downstage.
  • Centre of upstage. If it’s a musical event highlight drum.

Comprehensive Discussion On Lighting Techniques:

After having a properly written script it’s time to bring that into practicality. The secret of the stage lighting is the anticipation. You need to be able to predict what music is going to do. Until that happens, you should feel the shifts in the sound. Because the colors of the light are supposed to change with the music. With the excitement of the song, the lights should also excite the audience. The lights should show the biggest change in downbeats and changes in song parts.

As the night goes on the excitement of the lights should get increase. There should be more transition and more special moments. Jump from one color to another color is more beneficial than just fading away. Therefore, the lights for the starting band needs to be exciting than the last band. Listen to the song lyrics with focus and conclude what lyrics are all about. It is important to capture the mood which song wants to create.


1.    The Basic Positions Of Lighting:

The experts of the Stage Lighting Hire take care of the basic positions of the lighting. It is important to understand what effect will lighting setup have on the event.

2.    Front Lighting:

This lighting provides the main course of illumination to your lighting series. McCandless’s theory of lighting supports the use of front lighting. The purpose of this theory is to bring the effect of sunlight to the scene. This theory is effective in both theatrical and artistic shows. More importantly, this lighting method decreases the chances of shadows.

3.    Side Lighting Of Stage:

This lighting goes in the favor of the performer. Specifically, if he or she is walking while performing. So, if you have performers don’t forget to consider this lighting. This light is ideal to highlight the shoulder, mid-chest, and feet.

4.    Lighting At The High Side:

The most common way of using this light is to mount it anywhere at 30o and 60o angles for highlighting the upper part of the body. For musical shows, this is good lighting to highlight anything like a performer or any stage element. High sided left light and high sided right light combine to form a full effect on performers.

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5.    Down Lighting Of Stage:

By adding the halo effect from the backlight and downlight allow the viewers to see results. Downlights are located at the bottom of the stage and shine towards the performer’s eyes. According to a standard, a light beam needs a little bit of overlap. This is necessary to properly illuminate the performer during the performance. The beam of the light should reach the shoulder height of the performer. It is necessary to get the most of the illumination.

Some Most Common Effects Of Stage Lighting:

To use these effects right on the situation Stage Lighting Rental experts can guide you. Here is the list of the most popular effects of light:

  • Gobos
  • Beam projectors
  • Moonflower effects
  • Scanner
  • Disco balls
  • Strobe effect

These lights effects enhance the beauty of the stage and make it more attractive for the audience.

Final Words!

Every event stage acts as its center of attraction. Therefore, it is important to make it attention-grabbing with the use of lights. Ems Events helps in the mesmerizing audience with the right choice of lights and control. The more light shifts according to the change in beats, the more audience get involved in it. Therefore, never compromise on effective stage lighting.