Everyone loves discounts and gifts: the opportunity to save money and get a nice bonus can be a catalyst for a purchase. We will tell you what types of discounts and special offers exist in promosearcher.com and how publishers can use this tool to increase conversion to sales.

What are coupons and promotional codes

Promosearcher has several tools that allow users to make purchases profitably. These are beerwulf discount code and promotional codes, they are of several types:

  • Coupons . A regular coupon is an  affiliate link  and does not require a code word. By clicking on it, the user activates the functionality inherent in it in the form of a discount on an order, a gift or free delivery. The link to the coupon is individual for each publisher (like a regular affiliate one) and contains information about him and the site. Attribution goes to  Last Cookie Wins , as always. In promosearcher, this tool can also be called “Promotion”.
  • Promo codes. Promo code – a code word that must be entered into the appropriate field when placing an order. The usual promo code is the same for all publishers, and in order for the order to be assigned to you, you need to lead the user to the advertiser’s website using your affiliate link (again, the attribution model is Last Cookie Wins). It is advisable to use the link that is generated in the “Tools => Discounts and Coupons” section of the webmaster’s personal account.
  • Unique promo codes.  Unlike regular promo codes, unique promo codes are generated individually for each publisher. But the principle of use is the same – the code word is entered by the user into the appropriate field when making a purchase. Since one promo code corresponds to one publisher, attribution goes exactly by it. At the same time, the unique promo code “wins” over other types of traffic: even if the user went to the site using the affiliate link of another publisher, the reward will be received by the one whose promo code the buyer used. More information about the tool can be found in the article “Unique promotional codes – a new tool for webmasters ”.
  • Exclusive and personalized promotional codes.  Something in between regular and unique promo codes. A publisher can receive a promo code only for himself (for example, a blogger can agree on a special promotion for his subscribers), however, actions will be attributed using Last Cookie Wins, and the promo code will not have priority over other types of traffic. Exclusive promotional codes are usually a random set of letters and numbers, nominal ones contain the name of the site or the name of the blogger with whom the advertiser has an agreement. They can be obtained only through the promosearcher manager in agreement with the advertiser and used only on sites connected to the affiliate program.

What do they have in common? 

Firstly, these are the “goodies” that they provide: it can be a  discount on an order  (a fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase), a  gift upon purchase, or free shipping. Secondly, each promo code and coupon has its own activation conditions: the minimum order amount, products participating in the promotion, GEO work (if the store is represented in different countries), and many others – read the terms carefully so as not to misinform users. And thirdly: the term of work, and this is very important. Do not forget to check your sites and update coupons and promotional codes that have expired – this will help to avoid the negative of the buyer both towards you and the advertiser.