There comes a time in the growth of many businesses when you need to expand into new territories. While this is an exciting leap to make – potentially bringing further prosperity, a glittering global reputation, and the chance to diversify your product offerings – it also brings a great deal of risk.

The obvious alternative to expanding into international markets is to stay the same size and continue to serve customers in your current market.

However, this is a defensive mindset that stops you from potentially unlocking a huge global customer base who may genuinely need what your company offers. 

The good news is that there are many tech tools that can help you make the transition between a national and international entity.

For instance, you can tap into your new market from home, using specialist telemarketing services to contact prospects in your new territory. 

Alternatively, you could begin to build a large online audience in your chosen new territory, gaining a head start before your official transition. 

You could even tap into local expertise, thanks to the abundance of freelance hiring platforms available.

Here are some top tech tips for expanding your business into international markets:

Use specialist telemarketing services

A great business technology you can use to expand into new territories more quickly is specialist telemarketing.

It might sound simple, but telemarketing can be hugely effective in raising awareness for your services in new countries and establishing a bond of trust between you and your new customer base. 

This is particularly useful if you are expanding into a country that uses a different language to your native tongue. This fundamental barrier can spell doom for any form of effective communication – especially if no one within your organization speaks the local language. 

By using specialist telemarketing services from outsourced companies like, you can communicate with prospects using their language. These telemarketing firms hire people from the country you are trying to enter, making it easy for them to communicate in the most appropriate style.

Cultivate a large online audience in a specific region

If you are preparing to move your brand into a foreign country, then you are best off making it a soft landing.

Rather than suddenly announcing your decision and promptly offering your products there overnight, it is wise to slowly build a meaningful online audience in the region during the months beforehand. 

You could do this by starting a social media account, creating a website blog or video content in the native language, or simply advertising your move publicly in the country you wish to move to. 

Make use of local talent

A severely underrated business tool at your disposal is the world of freelance hiring platforms, such as Fiverr. 

These websites contain a ton of local talent, which you can hire to get the wheels turning over in your new territory. Perhaps you want to expand slowly and only offer a few services to those who want it. 

By hiring natives, not only do you reduce the risks associated with rehousing your existing workforce, but you gain the perspective of a true local.