Finding a gift for your 70-year-old dad might seem like a challenge at first, but once you start looking – you will find there are endless choices that make the perfect fit. To help you out we have listed down some of the most desirable items for 70-year-old men.

Vinyl Player – Most dads who are in their 70s have a great vinyl collection, one that they hold near and dear but most probably don’t have suitable or working equipment to play it on. Consider getting your old man a vinyl player that he can use to play all the tunes he has been playing in his head all his life. Or choose a modern vinyl player that comes with Bluetooth functions, so that he can use to get instant access to some of the most memorable tracks.

Custom Printed Shirt – Your old man might be ageing, but he has had one hell of a life. One that should be celebrated in ways that he never imagined. It is time to get a special custom printed shirt that fits his life and reminds dad of his importance in your life. It does not have to be heart-touching, something funny or factually accurate will be a great choice!

Board Games – Your dad age 70 most probably spent hours with you in the field, or at the table. Cheering you on, or teaching you the basics of games. It’s time to return the favour and give them a board game. Not just any board game, something that interests them and you two can play together. Knowing they will get to spend more time with you will be a gift enough for them.

Heated Pads – There is nothing more relaxing than coming to a perfect temperature bed. With heated pads they can adjust the thermostat of their bed and pillow, creating a desirable setting that allows them to relax without stress. Moreover, it can help them fall asleep easily, and wake up well-rested.

Massaging Chair – Dads naturally take care of everyone in the family, but it’s time you took care of them. Getting a massage chair can help them relax their body and mind, and just enjoy the days as they come. With some snacks and drinks on the table and their favourite game on the TV, they will never need anything else. However, if you are unable to get them a massage chair, you can get them a small massager that focuses on the areas that bother them on a daily basis. Making sure the70 year olds are taken care of one way or the other. You can click here now for other gifts for 70 year old man that suit his preference.

These are some of the many options available, keep in mind it should be something that they will love and offer them use in the years to come. Getting them a random gift that they are unable to use regardless of its price will be a waste, so invest smartly and choose something they will cherish.