KCJ Landscaping

KCJ Landscaping is a leading landscaping service provider in Dubai. With years of experience we had completed various outdoor dining projects.

Do you think, what if you get awesome ideas to initialize the outdoor dining area at your house with multiple options that can give you the idea of outdoor dining according to the space available? You can live this dream of outdoor dining at your house with these exotic ideas to attract your guest, for a romantic date, and some mini family functions. You will just attract your gusset with your creative ideas of the outdoor kitchen. 

The corner Terrace

What if you can host a dining party at the corner of your garden? Is it cool? Yes, it will attract the guests and the excuse of smaller space has no place for it. You can just install your outdoor kitchen in the corner space available in your outdoor area. Adding a pergola will increase the beauty of this outdoor dining arena.

You can just host any breakfast or dinner party at the outdoor of your house.

This will enhance the beauty of your house and give you the confidence of hosting any type of party.

dinner plan, or simply you host a successful date at your home.

The mini outdoor kitchen bar

Getting the food right next to your outdoor dining space will make you feel the right essence of your dining area.

You can opt for the outdoor dining just next to your kitchen, where you can host any type of house. party and get the things without moving into the house.

Installing a big window will save your time and energy to get something from the kitchen. It is a great choice for outdoor diners.

Hibiscus touch

Giving the hibiscus touch to the dining area will make you install the dining area with the awesome covering of hibiscus all over the dining area.

It will give you protection from sunlight at lunchtime and provide you with the romantic, festive, and delightful surroundings.

Just installing the dine with suitable and perfect colors which increases the beauty of your outdoors. .

Choosing the right color options of flowers and furniture will just design the pergola around the hibiscus will attract everyone to your ideas.